That “Ah Ha!” moment


So, last week I mentioned the awesome, free fabric a friend passed along to me, right? Well, my brain just wouldn’t stop thinking of what I could make with it. It has created what I’m calling Obsessive Costume Disorder. I spent several days thinking on it, and shortly after I posted, it hit me. It was the “Ah Ha!” moment, for certain. I just might be able to squeeze out Wearing History’s 1910’s Suit.

Wearing History's 1910s Suit
Wearing History’s 1910s Suit

I purchased the e-pattern the next day, along with the Elsie 1910s blouse to complete the look. After I printed off the patterns, I tucked them into large pouches, and tried to move on to thinking of my other costumes. Which, I did do successfully, for a couple of days. So, I’ll come back to the 1910’s suit in just a moment.

As for what I currently have to work on? Well, I still have the stuff I’m working on for PJ sitting around, haven’t really touched that in a couple of weeks. I did manage to trace the glove pattern I’ll be using for my 1912 suit. I still need to order the stuff I need for my 1913 corset. After the corset is made, then I can start on the skirt and jacket for the 1912 suit. And, this past Sunday I hit the fabric store to pick up the fabric I want for my next 1950’s tea dress.

Gertie's Tropical Sateen fabric and Butterick B6055
Gertie’s Tropical Sateen fabric and Butterick B6055

After picking out Butterick B6055 to use for the new dress, I went in search of what fabric to use, and I was drawn to this one. It’s Gertie’s Tropical print in black sateen. I just love the large, blue hibiscus flowers. I took the bolt up to get about 5 or 6 yds of it, and ended just taking the whole bolt of 8 yds. I can always find something to use the left overs for. I have decided that I want to make a lovely blue crinoline for this dress. If I can’t find the blue that I want, I’ll just fix my black one and wear it. I’ll be accessorizing it with black tea gloves, my black retro 1950’s heels, and maybe a large, black sun hat. Oh, and while I was the fabric store, I found patterns on sale and snagged my copies of these beauties:


They are the American Duchess patterns. I was so excited when she announced them, so I was sure to pick up my copies as soon as they went on sale. I also picked up a couple of the vintage patterns I didn’t have already.

It was after I got home from the fabric store, and after Miss Elma went home from our afternoon of iced tea and brownie bites, that I decided that I just couldn’t put off looking at the wool to see what I had enough of to use for the Wearing History 1910’s Suit. It’s almost as if after deciding on the pattern, it became an obsession. I just really want to dive right into making this suit. So, I grabbed a tape measure, a pad of paper and pen and started measuring each piece, one by one. Here is what I have found that I may have enough of to use:


I figured that I could use the gray for the skirt, the cranberry for the jacket, and the scarlet and gray plaid for contrast on the collar, cuffs and belt. But, I’m still worried if I can squeeze it out of what I have, so I sat down last night to catch up on Arrow and started cutting around the edges of each pattern piece so that I can tape them together, and cut out each pattern piece. Of the 88 pages, I got through 40. Here is what my evening looked like:

An exciting evening, huh?
An exciting evening, huh?

Dinner was cheese tortellini with sauce and cheesy garlic bread, and dessert was blueberry pie. I’ll be trying to finish up the rest of the pages tonight, after a surprise visit to see dad for his birthday. I’m taking him an apple pie, as it’s his favorite, and some vanilla bean ice cream. I told mom not say anything, and that we would be out as soon as I got off of work. It won’t be a long visit, which will be good, as I’m antsy to get back to the 1910’s suit pattern. If it wasn’t for the fact that I do have to get up at o’dark thirty in the morning, I would probably be up until the wee hours to work on getting it cut, taped and then fully cut out. But, since I’m not in my twenties, or even thirties, anymore, I kinda have to get some sleep for work.

Has anyone else had a particular project hijack their creative mojo? If so, please comment and share, I would love to hear about it. Until next time… Happy Sewing!


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