In which Jane finally makes an appearance…


I was finally able to wrestle Jane up from the sewing room yesterday evening. Not an easy task! At first, it seemed like she was going to come quietly. She was lounging on the sofa (that is still in the sewing room), when I went to coax her out. Her stand was at one end of the cutting table, and that is where the problem started. When I tried to pull her stand out from under a couple of bolts that had fallen over, Jane decided it was the perfect moment to launch her resistance. I finally got her under control, and got her stand up, after loosing a couple of the feet, and having to retrieve them. When we got to the door, Jane really resisted leaving her cozy space. Not only did I have to fight Jane and her stand, I also had to shoo away a certain little black kitty that loves to test her luck getting into the sewing room. That is really hard to do with both arms wrapped around Jane, both hands full of her stand and the feet, and still try to use my foot to gently shoo the cat away, all while trying to shut the door to the sewing room at the bottom of the stairs, in a very confined space. Not an easy task, and it was accompanied with lots of bad words that aren’t fit for some ears. At one point, I thought Jane was going to get the better of me, as I almost went down on my bum, which would have put Jane on top. But, I managed to remain standing, and even made it up the stairs to the livingroom, despite the tripping hazard of a small cat and a very upset Jane. However, Jane didn’t stop there. We continued to argue and tussle the whole time I tried to dress her up for some quick photos. But, in the end….  I won! lol. Here is the proof that “poor Jane” has been pressed back into doing her job. Please pardon the fact that she’s not wearing a corset, it hasn’t been made yet:

*Disclaimer: Please note that Jane’s actual dimensions are smaller than mine. Because of this, she has been very well padded and covered, so that I can put my corsets/stays on her, and lace her down to my measurements. 

Folkwear #226 - Princess Slip
Folkwear #226 – Princess Slip

Here is the Folkwear Princess Slip. This pattern has been OOP for sometime, so I did have to resize the pattern to fit.

Folkwear #203 - Petticoat
Folkwear #203 – Petticoat

I love the petticoat from Folkwear # 203. It turned out to be so lovely.

Folkwear # 203 - Camisole
Folkwear # 203 – Camisole

I really love the camisole pattern from FW # 203. Also, I will be swapping out the ribbons that are currently being used at the neck and waist, as well as the one in the petticoat, for a light lavender ribbon that will match the corset I will be making.

I really liked using these patterns, and am even tempted to make a few of these as summer sleep wear with a couple of pair of the drawers for the bottoms to the camisole, and maybe a princess slip or two with some extra embellishments. And, speaking of the drawers, they are the only thing I didn’t get photos of. I don’t have the buttons and button holes on them yet, as I want to get the corset finished, and then do the button placement. So, that will come later. Further details will be available on the project page. Also, I will try to write up my pattern review for these patterns, and post them in my pattern review pages. I’ll post when it’s available.

Has anyone one else used these patterns? Did you have a positive or negative experience with them? I would love to hear how everyone else’s projects turned out, please comment and let me know.


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