A bit of a slump


I definitely think Mother Nature is off of her meds! But, then again, this is Ohio. We always say that if you don’t like the weather, wait a couple of days, it’ll change. We were having some beautiful weather, in the low to mid 70’s. Then, this past weekend… SNOW! Really? I didn’t get the winter storm I wanted during winter, I certainly don’t want it now, not when it’s supposed to be spring. Plus, I think the colder weather is playing a part in the sewing slump I’ve been in the past couple of weeks. I mean, I want to sew, I just have no motivation to actually do it. That, and I have been waiting to order my corset supplies for my 1913 corset. That may be a large part of what is really holding me back. But, I have been trying to make some progress.

I decided to pull out a project that Miss PJ cut out 5 years ago, but was left in a shoe box in the sewing room. It was the shirt and vest from Simplicity 2895, just like the ones I made for my hubby back in 2011, with color being the only difference. Where I went with a white shirt, and black and silver brocade satin for the vest, PJ picked out a cream for the shirt, and brown and gold brocade satin for the vest. I figured I could pitch in and help get it done, especially since I was already familiar with how to put it all together. On Easter weekend, I pulled the box up from the sewing room and got started. I worked on the shirt, and got it down to just needing the cuffs put on, the bottom hemmed, and the buttons and button holes sewn on. That was when I lost my momentum.

Crappy photo, I know. Sorry.
Crappy photo, I know. Sorry.

So, the shirt is currently hanging from the door of the tv armoire, in it’s nearly completed state, and the vest is still resting in the shoe box it was stowed away in. I will eventually get them done. lol. Although, I did tell PJ that I would leave the button holes and buttons for her to finish.

This past weekend, I got a text message from a friend at the shop that said, “I have some fabric for you to look at. Call me when you can.” It turns out that a customer that comes in all the time brought in a couple of bundles of left over fabric. I guess he ends up with stuff from other people all the time, and when he brought it into the shop to see if anyone could use it, my friend snatched it up right up for me. She told him that if he got anymore, to bring it by, that it’ll be put to good use.


Just from what I could see, I was excited to get it home to see what all was in there.

Bundle #1
Bundle #1

Once I got the first bundle opened, I found what you see in the photo above. As I unfolded each, I was able to get an idea of how much there was of each fabric. The black fabric was mainly scraps, the red (actually a cranberry color in person) has about 3 yds, the green was about a half of a yard, the plaid was actually a scrap piece and half of a pair of pants that someone cut out, but obviously never made, and the blue was almost a yard. Also, when I unfolded the cranberry fabric, a zipper and two spools of matching thread popped out.

A nice little surprise!
A nice little surprise!

From the feel of the fabric, it felt like quality wool. So, I ran down the candle lighter (or as my friend calls it – a clicky boom – lol), and did a burn test on a bit of the black scraps. The hubby and the teenaged attitude looked on like I was crazy. I had to explain to them that it was quickest way to test fabric to see if it was natural, synthetic, or a blend. The burn test proved that it was wool.

Bundle #2
Bundle #2

The second bundle had a couple more plaids, a couple more solids, and a couple of natural fabrics I have yet to identify. You can see them in the left hand side of the photo above. The tan and black solid. The black is sheer, but the tan really isn’t. Again, most of this bundle had pieces that were a half of a yard to a yard, except the black sheer. I haven’t unfolded that one to see how much is there, yet. In the meantime, my brain has been working to find things to make with all of this lovely fabric. I see a couple of period vest being made in the future, just not sure if they will be for me or the hubby. 😉

Other than that, I am planning a new 1950’s dress, as we have decided to make out Ladies’ Day Out next month a costume event. We really had a blast the last time we did the 1950’s, and thought it would be fun to revisit it. I have picked a pattern, and a couple potential fabrics. Now, I just need to narrow down the fabric choice, and get started on a new crinoline and dress. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be fun!

Does anyone else have any fun projects planned? I would love to hear about them. Comment and share what’s on your project radars. 🙂


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