An Edwardian slip and some binge watching


I have more actual sewing progress to share! Yay! Saturday, I worked at my friend’s shop for the afternoon, but before I went in I washed, dried and ironed flat a bolt of bleached muslin. Whew! I forgot how long it takes to iron about 15 yards of fabric. lol. When I got home, after dinner, I folded the fabric double and ironed the fold back into it, and got it back on the bolt. Yesterday morning, I got up, brewed a cuppa, had a bowl of cereal, and then got started on tracing out the pattern for Folkwear #226 – Princess Slip, in the late morning. Since this pattern has been long out of print, the sizing was only up to a 16 (38″ bust and 40″ hip), so I had to re-size the pattern to fit my ample form. As I am only making view A (the mid-calf length) for now, I only had to deal with the four main pattern pieces.

Fabric washed, dried, ironed and cut out
Fabric washed, dried, ironed and cut out

During all of this, I decided to torment my husband by binge watching Mr. Selfridge, starting with season one. Needless to say, he was none too happy with me. Oops. But, I did get the slip done down to the closures. I flat felled my seams, and then hit the couch to hand finish the hem.


As I worked, the cats were all over the place, but I think they have learned not to sit on my pattern pieces and/or fabric. I didn’t have to run them off like the last time. But spring is definitely in the air, as it was Kitty Smackdown in the greatroom most of the day. When they did settle down, I turned from ironing a seam to find Miss Sophie had taken up residence in my chair.


By the time dinner was done, I was pretty much done with the slip, except with the snaps I want to use for the closures. I thought I had some, but I guess I was wrong, as I couldn’t find them anywhere. I did make a trip down to the sewing room to find some left over lace for the neckline, and I found three different kinds, I just had to see which one I liked best.

I went with the top one
I went with the top one

While I was in the sewing room, I tried to coax Jane upstairs so she could model the new slip, but she was being difficult and wouldn’t come out from under the costumes draped on the loveseat. Such a lazy butt! lol. I should have photos of the finished slip soon, as soon as I purchase the snaps, get them sewn on, and haul Jane up out of the sewing room and out on to the deck to a photo shoot. Maybe by the weekend, as the weather is supposed to be awesome here. We’ll see, depending on how things go. This evening after work, I have pick Miss Onnie up, after her visit to the spay clinic. My poor little girl is going to feel so traumatized. Until next time….. Happy Sewing!

Check out the updated project page for my Edwardian undergarments, and watch for my review of this pattern coming soon to the Pattern Review section.


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