A bit of weekend fun!

I did make a few trips into the sewing room this weekend, but it was to retrieve patterns, fabric and supplies. I decided it was time to dust off my sewing machine (literally), and get started on something, even if I wasn’t actually working in the sewing room. The weather was nice enough to open the doors and windows (it was almost 70 degrees), and I really wanted to sew something. While I was ready to enjoy sewing, the kitties were ready to enjoy the open windows.

Miss Onnie, enjoy the early spring breeze
Miss Onnie, enjoying the early spring breeze

My original intention was to make a sewing machine cover to keep my machine from getting dusty, again. But,I am very eager to get my 1912 Walking Suit completed, and I have almost everything needed for it. So, I decided to get started on it. I pulled out the pattern for my blouse, figuring that it wouldn’t matter if I made it without the undergarments, as it will be loose with a waist tie, anyway.

Folkwear #205 – Gibson Girl Blouse

I started tracing the pattern around noon yesterday, and with running the cats off from walking and sitting on my work, it took me about an hour and half to trace and cut out everything. Then, I took a lunch break of some raisin bran, then got started on cutting out the fabric.


I spent the afternoon stitching away. I felt good to finally get back to sewing. Toward the evening, I paused to order pizza for dinner, and went back to sewing once I had my fill of it. I finished up the machine sewing, and planted myself on the couch to do a bit of hand sewing while watching one of my favorite paranormal shows. When I was finished for the evening, I still had not decided on the closures. I did make a quick trip down to the sewing room to get a photo of my progress. Since Jane is still being lazy, Daisy May was gracious enough to model my blouse.


After sleeping on it, I decided that I wanted delicate pearl buttons as closures on the back of the blouse. And, while I was making a quick round of the fabric store (and yes, it was quick, the hubby was shocked that I was already in the check out line by the time he smoked his cigarette and came into look for me), I picked up a couple of spools of ivory lace trim to see if I liked either to stitch along the top of the collar. I also picked up more of the buttons I needed for the jacket.

Blouse buttons and lace trim
Blouse buttons and lace trim

When I got home, and sat down to add the buttons and lace trim, I found that I didn’t count correctly on how many buttons I needed for the blouse. I was two short, the buttons for the sleeves. No matter, as the store was short on the buttons I need for the jacket, so when I go back for them, I’ll pick up another packet of pearl buttons for the blouse. I used the machine to quickly stitch the button holes, then sat down to stitch on the buttons and the lace trim.

Hand stitching the lace trim
Hand stitching the lace trim

I am very eager to get the rest of the costume completed. I have a new corset pattern on the way, that will hopefully arrive tomorrow by mail. That will only leave me to purchase the materials for the corset (busk, grommets, boning and fabric), the last few buttons needed, the wig, and the supplies for the hat. It feels good to be sewing again. Until next time…. Happy Sewing!

You can find my pattern review for Folkwear #205 Gibson Girl Blouse in the Pattern Review section. Additional photos of the construction of this garment can be seen on my Flickr stream.


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