Jane is at it, again!

I had a friend over for dinner last night, Miss J. She was over to discuss sewing and costuming. I made my spicy chicken and Thai noodles with peanut sauce, and then Nutella and banana egg rolls, topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream for dessert. After which, we sat and discussed the particulars of a costume she is wanting to make for an up coming comicon. Then, I invited to see my sewing room, despite the deplorable state it’s in. While we were down there, we decided to dig through things, as she wanted to see some of the interesting costumes and accessories I have stashed down there. And, let me tell you, Jane was a disgrace! lol. She was kinda mean to our guest. Jane was apparently resting on the love seat that still currently resides in the sewing room (why she needs the rest, I’ll never know as she hasn’t done a thing in several years, lol), so we decided that she could make herself useful, and hold some of the garments we were sorting through. Don’t you know, as soon as we turned our backs to look at something, Jane shoved it all right back off and onto the floor. I understand that Jane and Daisy May have had that room all to themselves for the past couple of years, but that is no reason for Jane to so mean. lol. At least Daisy May had manners and stayed quietly to the side of the room while we visited. lol. But, all joking aside, we did end up making progress in the sewing room last night, by accident. As we looked through things, we did a bit of sorting. I did end up taking a straight pin to the instep of my right foot (that carpet has got to go!). That made me realize just how tender my feet have become from not sewing over the past couple of years. With some good progress made last night, Miss J has promised to help me with the sewing room, in exchange for teaching her how to sew her own costumes and garments for cosplay and her photo shoots. That means the sewing room should start seeing a lot more action in the very near future. It’s also very encouraging for me, and makes me want to get things done quickly, so I can get back in there. Depending on how work treats me today, I may go home and put in some time either in the sewing room, or in the spare room collapsing the mountain of boxes from Christmas, so I can make room for the love seat out of the sewing room. I know, poor Jane is going to lose her napping spot, but oh well. The lazy wench needs to get back on her stand,  and start working for her keep again. lol. So, until next time…. Happy Sewing!


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