So, it begins…..

I finally made it down to the sewing room. However, because I was feeling under the weather, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted. I did get somethings bagged up for trash, like the scrap bin, and got the cutting table cleared off. As I will be out of town for my cousin’s baby shower this Saturday, I am making it a goal to do a little each night to help gain more footing with getting it back in shape.  I did take advantage of my down time on the couch to get all of my patterns organized, in the correct boxes, and cataloged before putting them away neatly in the sewing room.

Holy Schnikes! That's a lot!
Holy Schnikes! That’s a lot!


I may, or may not, have a problem. lol. Okay, so I may have a small addiction to collecting patterns. But, I will say that I have been collecting them for almost 20 years. I have also noticed that, while I have a great memory, I seem to have a problem remembering which patterns I have already purchased, and therefore I end up buying duplicates. Two or three time over. So, these duplicates will be weeded out, and offered up to the others in my sewing circle. Any that aren’t claimed will probably be sold. If anyone is interested, please contact me for the list of patterns that will be available. My contact info is on the About page. I will have patterns from the three major commercial companies, and some may even be Out Of Print. They will be cheap, I’m not out to price gouge anyone. Besides, I only buy them when they are on sale, so there is no use in selling them for full, or above, retail price.

After I was done getting the patterns back in their boxes, I got them back down into the sewing room.

Much better!
Much better!

They’re in their temporary home, until I get the rest of the room cleaned and rearranged. I still have 2 half bookcases to move in, 1 full sized bookcase and a love seat to move out. After that, I need to decide on a new paint color for the walls (so done with the dark color), then rip up the carpet and paint the floor. So, this will probably be an ongoing project for several months, but in the meantime, I want to get it into shape so I can at least start sewing again. I’m excited to put some of the new patterns to use.

Besides a shopping trip out with Miss Elma, nothing else really happened this weekend. So, I’ll leave you with a photo of little Miss Onnie Moon.


She fussed at me until I moved the pattern boxes on top of this one, just so she could lay in the patch of sun coming in through the patio door. She is so sweet… Sometimes. Other times, she just plain rotten. And, I love her for every bit of it. 🙂 Until next time… Happy Sewing!

ETA: All McCall and Butterick patterns have been spoken for. I do have several Simplicity patterns available for anyone interested.


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