Out with the old, and in with the somewhat new…


I still haven’t made it to the sewing room to start the clean up, and organization process, yet. That’s on the agenda for tomorrow. However, I did spend some time last weekend cleaning out my closet of the old stuff I haven’t worn in the past, um, 7+ years. I know. That’s really bad of me. And, since the closet was occupied with all of the old stuff, the new-ish stuff that I wear on the regular has been living in laundry baskets around the bedroom. I made great progress. See:


I pulled out 3 bags of clothes of donations of clothes that were either too big or too small, and another 2 bags of old handbags. Then, in just stuff that wasn’t really fit to keep, give away or donate, there was about 4 bags that went to the curb for pick up. Then, besides the donate and trash, there were some things set aside for other I know would wear the items I no longer fit into. I was very satisfied when I was done, as the closet was completely empty:


I forgot to take a photo of the before, and I did add the dresser before taking the after. The closet has been stuffed from front to back. When I started putting the stuff I actually wear in there, I was running out of room, and started looking longingly at my husband’s side of the closet, as it was less than half full. But, I think adding my stuff to his side would just start an argument, so I’ll have to get creative on how I get all of my stuff in. lol.

Besides working on the bedroom closet, I have been knitting away on a baby blanket for one of my cousins that is having a little boy. I’m just about done, which is not bad for just under a week. I have about 42 rows left on it.


Miss Elma helped me pick the colors based off of a few of the baby toys that were in my cousins baby registry. As always, I ordered some Knit Picks Brava Worsted, as it’s the softest acrylic yarn I have found so far. The colors are Sienna, Marina, Peapod and Caution. One ball of each color does great for a quick, crib sized blanket in a garter rib stitch. I picked the order of the colors loosely based on the invitation I received in the mail. The baby shower is next weekend down home at my Aunt Vonna’s house. I have a few baby burp rags already made up in boy colors that will be wrapped up with the blanket. It kinda makes me feel old to be making things for her expectant baby, as I used to baby sit her when she was an infant. lol. My, how times flies! Once I have this blanket done, I’ll be starting one in girly colors for a co-workers daughter that is having a girl. So, between my early spring cleaning around the house, I’ll have plenty of knitting to keep my fingers busy while I watch tv. lol.

Until next time… Happy Sewing!


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