Joy, in the form of mail


Since I have decided to jump back into the sewing arena, I purchased a few new patterns that are necessary. They arrived by mail this past Friday. I was so excited, that when I tried to open one of the packages that contained three patterns, it wouldn’t open and I tore it open. lol. There was no damage to the patterns, of course, but the USPS pouch didn’t fare so well. Here is a quick photo of what I ordered:


The Truly Victorian patterns that I bought are TV101 Petticoat with wire bustle, TV261-R 1885 Four Gore Underskirt, TV362 1886 Autumn Overskirt, and TV462 1883 Tail Bodice. Several of these patterns will be used for a couple of my planned Victorian costumes. Then, in my adventures today, I stopped by JoAnn Fabrics, as they have Simplicity patterns on sale 5 for $5. Here is I picked up:


I picked up 1459, 8050, 1039, 8051, 1155, and 1250. My main goal was picking up 1459 for my 1950’s Christmas dress. Sorry for the blurry photo, but it’s hard to get photos when you have cats. As seen in the following photos:



Little Miss Onnie Moon just loves getting in the middle of whatever Momma is doing. lol. Gotta love cats. They do such great photo bombs. 😉

So, with the new patterns in the house, the plan is to get into the sewing room this weekend, and start getting it back into shape. The excitement is building with the new patterns in the house, now I can’t wait to use it. Hopefully, nothing will derail my plans for a third weekend in a row.

So, until next time….. Happy Sewing!


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