Jumping into Cosplay

Lately, half of the costuming talk in the house has been about Cosplay. The youngest daughter has hit the Cosplay scene with her friends in the past year, and we have been putting together costumes as we can, piece by piece. The first one was Miles Upshur from the video game Outlast.

A quick selfie as a Miles Upshur gender-bend before the Con
A quick selfie as a Miles Upshur gender-bend before the Con

That costume started the whole thing. It was what she wore for Halloween. And the latest was her Jake English costume that she work to Ohayocon 16, this past weekend.

A quick selfie as Jake English gender-bend before day 2 at the Con

So far they have been really easy. It’s just been a matter of finding the right ready-to-wear garments in the department stores, or online. So, when she brought up another costume the other night that just involved a simple gray skirt, my reply was, “That’s too easy, and boring. Give me a challenge.” That led us to Marquise Spinneret Mindfang. When I asked what she looked like, she said, “A Pirate, with a spider motif.” To which I said, “Now, we’re talking. That’s definitely within my realm of costuming.”


Image found here.

This is the image she showed me, and will be the jumping off point for what she wants. So, besides a few other characters that have easy, store bought elements that we will be putting together, we will be starting on the Marquise when the sewing room is back up and running. Just like my other costumes, I will be keeping track of them with project pages in the menu above, under Costume and Sewing Projects. And, now that I have agreed to help her with the bigger costumes, she has been bringing me new ideas daily. lol. She has done a lot of the research work on the costumes, finding the wigs and makeup needed, and deciding on the final elements of what she wants. Now, we just need to get things together in the sewing room so I can get started on the production element of things. So, here’s to new costuming adventures, of all kinds, and hopefully lots of photos to share.

Until next time…. Happy Sewing!


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