Biting off more than I can chew?

After deciding that I want to jump back into the costuming pond, I decided that it needed to be with both feet. Am I being overly ambitious? Maybe. But, it’s what I feel is needed after almost three years on hiatus. Besides, someone needs to put Jane back in place. 😉 So, here is a list what I have planned for 2016, let’s see if I make it:

1912 Walking Suit – As I talked about in previous posts, this was to be for our Downton Abbey picnic that we planned for 2015. Due to a series of unfortunate events, the picnic never happened. We do want to have a picnic this year, and would love if we could go with the 1912 Downton Abbey theme. But, even if we don’t, I am going to finish this costume.

1887 Mourning Dress – A new project that is currently in the planning phase. I have wanted to make a Mourning costume for some time, and this is the year to try. I have picked out the patterns I want to use, I just need to purchase them, and pick out fabric.

Great Gatsby Dress – A project that had been planned for the premiere of the new Great Gatsby movie. Due to an entirely different set of unfortunate events several years go, this project got put on the back burner. But, even from the start of this project, I have change my mind on the design numerous times over. I think I have finally found what I want, but with me, who knows. lol. I guess the design won’t be final until I get it cut out and sewn together.

Regency Half Robe set – A couple of years back, I purchased a couple of pieces of matching cotton print fabric. I’m pretty sure I picked them up out of a sale bin at a Wally World some where. The colors were darker, and suitable for period sewing projects. If I remember correctly, there was about, 3 yds. per piece, just enough to make a couple of matching Regency Half Robes. One was a pretty, dark mustard color with small dark burgundy flowers on dark green vines. The matching piece was a dark purple with the same burgundy flowers. I found some green solid cotton to match the vine color for a sleeveless underdress.

1950’s Christmas Dress – Ever since we did our 1950’s tea party a couple of years ago, I have wanted to make another 1950’s costume. What better excuse than a Christmas dress, complete with red crinoline edged in green ribbon, and a matching 1950’s winter coat? lol. This one promises to be fun!

There is my list for year. Might as well aim big, huh? So, in the whole scheme of aiming big, I hope to tackle the sewing room this coming weekend, and get a start on that mess. Miss PJ will try to join me. I’ll update if I make any progress. Until next time….. Happy Sewing!

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