Big plans for 2016


So, with pretty much everything I had planned for 2015 getting pushed to the wayside, I have decided that there are just  somethings that I will get done in 2016, and my 1912 Suit is one of them. I have also decided this is the year to get another costume done that has been sitting in the back of my brain for about 5 or 6 years. A mourning costume, but more on that in a later post. It’s definitely time to get back into the swing of sewing costumes. I have missed it greatly, and had so many costumes planned, and material bought, that it’s a shame I haven’t followed through.

Another thing that I do want to get done is moving my laundry room down to the basement where the sewing room is. This will accomplish a couple of things: 1) it will make it easier on me when I need to wash, dry and iron a metric crap ton of fabric for sewing, and 2) I will be able to turn the current, tiny laundry room into a pantry to help make room in my small kitchen. Once I get the sewing room cleaned up, I can get started on this. First thing I will need to do is move the small couch I have in the sewing room out to either the spare room (that will become a game room) or to a new home, haven’t made up my mind on that yet. Then I can tear down a wall that was added before we moved in that does absolutely  no good. Once the wall is gone, I can remove the utility sink and take it upstairs to the new “pantry” area. Then the washer and dryer can come down and be installed. The new pantry area will get the utility sink, a base cabinet with counter top, a wall cabinet, and some shelves. This will give me room to store the small, counter top appliances, and free up counter space. And, once I have the washer and dryer downstairs, I can plan the sewing room makeover. The makeover goal is to get rid of the carpet (never a good idea in a sewing room), paint the concrete floor and the walls, set up two sewing stations, a serger station, a cutting table, and a few book cases for storage. The underside of the cutting table may see shelves installed for storage of the fabric bolts. I did luck into a couple of sections of pre-made and pre-finished pieces that will serve for the sewing stations, and they even have pre-cut holes for cords. We’ll just need to build bases for them, and we’ll be all set. The cutting table will be my trusty old kitchen table that we have been using down there for years, I’ll just want to build some custom shelving under it for bolt storage. I do still have my really old, really large tv down there for us to watch. I need to decide if we want to keep it down there, or see about swapping it our for one of the smaller tv’s we have. We already have some peg board, we just need to paint it and mount it on the walls. All in all, the sewing room isn’t huge, but with some really good planning, I think we can do a lot with it. Now, we just need to get Jane and Daisy May under control. The wild parties they have been having down there over the past couple of years has left the sewing room looking like a Grade A disaster area. lol. Oh, Jane will hate having to go back to work, but she’s been such a lazy tart. It’s time for her to get her act together, and get back into the swing of things with me. 😉

Until next time…. Happy Sewing!


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