2015 Year in Review

Well, it looks like another year has gone by without a stitch being sewn. We had grand plans for this year, but you know what they say? Best laid plans, and all that. So, I might as well dive right into the pool of 2015, so to speak. lol.

2015 was an okay years, as far as they go. It definitely had it’s ups and downs. It seems there were way more downs, compared to ups. There were a few good byes said, one was in this post. And, there were a few hellos, as in this post. I bared a small bit of my soul with this post. I found it a bit hard to share the few, tiny shards of my private life that I did, but I find that it was a bit of a relief to do so. There was so much, much, much more that I could’ve bared in that post, but they are my internal burdens, so they will stay locked away. I did find inspiration, and started making plans, as in this post, this post, and this post. And we had a few adventures in this post. We did end up having to say good bye to the little dog. She passed peacefully in her sleep, taking away the burden of having to make that decision of helping her pass. She is very missed. Sometimes I still look for her around the house. There has been a very close friend that has been extremely ill. We have been pitching in where we can to help with anything and everything, hoping this ill will pass soon. The second book in my hubby’s Zombie series was released. It can be found here. The cats have settled into our home nicely, and Sophie no longer beats up the big dog. Now, time for the second half of 2015, and what didn’t make it to the blog.

We roasted S’mores at 4th of July around the fire pit, and watched as most of the neighborhood set off fireworks. Who needs to travel downtown to watch the city display when you have crazy neighbors, right? lol.


There has been some knitting. No where near as much as I wanted to get done this year. I did manage to get a few baby blankets finished up for my nieces and nephews.


I did slow down to catch a few beautiful sunsets here and there.


There was that time the electric went out for the whole neighborhood, and we ended up having to go out for dinner. Now, my husband understands why I have so many candles and candle holders. 😉


I did start teaching a small cooking class at a friend’s shop. I do about 1 class a month. I pick out recipes, go over the fine points, and make something in class that everyone gets to sample. Usually, I make up dry packs of what I made in class, that way everyone gets to go home and try their hand at it.


I got to go to my family reunion this year. I haven’t been in over 10 years. Annie and I had lots of fun. She was shocked by the sheer number of cousins she has. We have a very large family, we just don’t get to spend too much time with them. That will be changing from here on out. We took a paddle boat out on the lake for about an hour. Then, we had a friendly family race on the go-cart track. I won! lol.


It was also the first time in about 20 years that my sisters and I have all been in the same place at once. And yes, I may be the oldest, but I am the shortest.


We had quiet moments around the house.


At some point, I realized that my baby is growing up way too quick. She’ll be 15 in just over a week.


I spent Halloween with the best bunch of friends ever! Love these ladies.


The hubby and I finally made it to A Dickens of a Christmas at the Ohio Village. I have wanted to go for years, and we had a blast. I finally got to try roasted chestnuts. If you’re wondering, they taste like really dry cornbread.





And, we stopped off in the tavern of the hotel for an adult beverage. The wassail was awesome! Especially since it was spiked with spiced rum. 😉


We got to see the new Star Wars movie on opening night. Had a blast, even if we did have to hang out in the lobby of the theater for a couple of hours.


The holidays arrived, along with all of the baking.


And, this year we went with a smaller tree.


That pretty much wraps up the second half of the year. Now, what I hope for in the new year? I hope that I finally get around to cleaning up the sewing room so I can start my costume projects. I hope that I can get the home improvement projects done around the house. I hope that we get to do more things with friends and family through out the year. I hope that everyone is happy and healthy. Until next time….. Happy Sewing!


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