Best Foot Forward


I can’t believe it’s the last day of the month already! This month has just flown by. I have gotten a few thing accomplished, but not as much as I’d like. I took a much needed day off of work early in the week, and spent the day cleaning out and purging dresser drawers and closets. I didn’t get it all done, as Miss Elma came over to spend some much needed “girl time”, we even popped out for a bit of lunch. But, I do need to kick my rear into gear, as we will be picking up a new couch and chairs this weekend for the living room. The old chairs will be going out for trash collection, while the old couch will be moving into Katie’s old room, and that room will become a gaming room/library. This will get the old game systems out of the living room, and give our endless amount of books, games, and dvd’s a home, other than all over the house. lol. After that, the next projects on the list are to paint the laundry room, finally get the tile put down in the entry way, get the sewing room cleaned up and reorganized (including yanking up the carpet and painting the concrete floor and walls), and getting the flooring for the rest of the house so I can finally get rid of the carpet. I will eventually get it all done, not necessarily in that order, but it will get done. And, I would love to get all done before the new kitten comes home. We’ll just have to see if that happens. lol.

I was recently told by a friend that I just don’t seem to as happy as when I was sewing and creating costumes, that it seemed as if a light was dimming inside of me, and that I needed to throw myself back into it. This helped to fortify my recent urges to start planning costumes/wardrobes. So, in costume news, I have been doing bits of research to see what I want to do to finish off my 1912 Walking Suit. After binge watching Mr. Selfridge on Amazon Prime recently, I have started liking my blouse choice more and more. I have settled on making it ivory, as I have a whole bolt of all over lace in Ivory, and I think it would be perfect for the yoke and collar of the blouse. The only thing I may do different is redesign the sleeve, so that I have a longer sleeve with a straight cuff. If that doesn’t work out, I did order a back up blouse pattern that I just had to have. It’s Past Patterns #404 Edwardian Gibson Tuck Blouse. I have also found a couple hat ideas that I will be exploring, more on that later. I still need to settle on the rest of my undergarments: corset, corset cover and petticoat. I have several options that I am still looking into for those. I even found an option for a wig to restyle into an Edwardian hair style, as I recently chopped all of my own hair off. So, that only leaves the shoes. Now, I would really love to order a pair of Astoria’s from American Duchess, but there are a couple of drawl backs – 1.) the price: Granted, they are well worth it, being all leather. I just don’t have the money for it, yet; and 2.) color choice: They come in black and ivory, which are lovely, but I was looking for brown to go the rest of the costume. So, what’s a girl to do? Look on Amazon for something a little more in my price range, and I found these.


They do come in black, brown and ivory, which appealed to Miss Elma (looking for black), Miss PJ (looking for ivory), and myself. Granted, they aren’t the high quality of the Astoria’s, but they are much closer to what I can afford. I do know that you get what you pay for, so my fingers are crossed that when they arrive tomorrow, they’ll be exactly what I am looking for. Besides, I had rewards to use, which pretty much cut the price in half for me. What girl can resist a deal like that? I’ll do an update post on them next week to let you know how I like them (or not, lol).

Well, on that note, I’ll leave you with a pic of what I call “Pile O’ Sleeping Kitties”. Enjoy & Happy Sewing!

Emerald, Ruby and Onyx
Emerald, Ruby and Onyx

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