Back on the grid


Hello World! Well, I guess it’s time to get back on the grid, as it were. I have started having the urges to sew, again. I even visited an old friend this past weekend, JoAnn Fabrics. lol. I have always been very friendly with the staff at my favorite store, and I was worried that they wouldn’t recognize me, since it’s been so long. But, low and behold, they welcomed me back as if I hadn’t dropped off the sewing grid for over two years. I even picked up something for my recent creative inspiration. I’ll give you a little peek:

What a lovely plaid! Whatever could it be for?
What a lovely plaid! Whatever could it be for?

Once I get a little further into the project, I’ll let you know what this will become. I am excited about this project, though. I have a few more things to decide on, and then I can get started.

Other than that, it’s the same ol’, same ol’ around my house. With spring coming on, it’s time to start spring cleaning, and maybe even a bit of purging. Okay, a lot of purging. lol. With temperatures finally out of the arctic range, and even back above freezing, it will soon be time to throw open the windows and door to air out the house. And, since the Katie has been out of the house for almost two years (she turned 20 a couple of months ago, can you believe it?), it’s time to turn her old room into something useful, and not just a storage unit for her. I am thinking along the lines of a library/game room. Well, it’s not a huge room, so library will be a relative term. It’ll be more like a room with an old couch, a couple of book cases, a large tv and the older game systems for gaming. I’ll try to take progress pics as I go. Oh! I will also be helping Miss PJ with some renovations on her house this spring. We may start with painting her living room this weekend. That will give me a chance to spend time with these cuties:

They're so cute!
They’re so cute!

During the last cold snap, an expectant momma kitty started hanging around Miss PJ’s house. She feed her to help her keep up her strength. Then, this past weekend, she took pity on the poor thing, and let her in as she seemed desperate to get inside. Sunday, the little mother had her babies. There were three in total. We believe there are two girls, and one boy. At this point, I do believe they all have homes, including momma. The runt of the litter is an all black female. Knowing my weakness for black cats, Miss PJ wasted no time in letting me know about her. I will be taking her to the vet when she is old enough, to make sure that she doesn’t have any of the illness my previous two cats had. Until then, I’ll have to visit Miss PJ often, just so I can lavish attention on the little cutie.

Well, maybe next time I will have more pics of the kitten, the house renovations (at both houses), and an update on my up coming projects. Until then, Happy Sewing!


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