Just another summer – A catch up post


What they say is true…… Best laid plans, and all that. lol. This summer has not turned out like I thought. On a few levels, it has had it’s sad bit, but on the whole it’s been very fun. I’ll start with the sad bit.

Jellybean 4/1/13 - 6/7/14
4/1/13 – 6/7/14

My pretty little kitty has passed away. She had FIP, and apparently had it since birth. It broke my heart to see her go, but the symptoms came on suddenly. We didn’t have time to prepare for her passing. Every morning, I still expect to wake up and find her little furry face tucked up against mine. She was my little knitting partner, always on my lap when I sat down. Because of her passing, I lost all will to knit until this past weekend, when I could finally pick up my needles without crying. She will be forever missed.

Now, on the all the fun bits.

Ladies Day Out May 19, 2014
Ladies Day Out
May 19, 2014

For our Ladies Day Out we started with lunch at The Jury Room. This time around it was Miss Tammi, Miss Elma, Miss PJ and myself. We had a great meal and some quality chat time. From there, we ended up at The Surly Girl Saloon for a couple of great cocktails. We had so much fun, too bad we only get to do this every once in a great while.

Ohio Village Opening Day May 25, 2014
Ohio Village Opening Day
May 25, 2014

We attended the opening day of the Ohio Village again this year. While it was not as big and grand as last year’s, we still had a blast. We even got to see the new 1950’s exhibition. Afterwards, we hit the shooting range on the way to a friend’s house for a cookout. All in all, it was a great day.


Ladies Amish Country Trip May 31, 2014
Ladies Amish Country Trip
May 31, 2014

The next thing was a Ladies Amish Country Trip. Another great day. This trip it was Miss Tammi, Miss Cassi, Miss PJ and myself. As usual it was a fun filled trip of shopping and site seeing with stops at the covered bridge, the cheese factory, three wineries and various shops in between. Granted, this time the main route was shut down for construction and we had to take a couple of interesting detours (on the way back it was an extra hour on the “fifety-two” – lol).

4th of July 2014
4th of July 2014

The 4th of July was another fun point of this summer. The hubby had to work, but Annie and I headed over to Miss PJ’s for a bit of a cook out and backyard games. Then, later that night I was able to watch a small fireworks display put on by someone in the neighborhood.

Camping Trip July 25, 2014
Camping Trip
July 25, 2014

We had a big camping trip this summer, in celebration of Miss PJ’s 20th wedding anniversary. On this trip it was Miss PJ, her hubby, both of their boys and their oldest son’s girlfriend, Miss Cassi, her hubby, their son and daughter, and their son’s girlfriend, two of Miss PJ’s nephews and one of their girlfriends, and finally Annie and myself. We started out on three sites for two nights, but had so much fun that even the kids were asking to stay an extra night. So, we consolidated onto one site for the last night. There was plenty of cooking over an open fire (with smoke in the eyes every single time, lol), playing board games and even a trip to the beach. On that Friday, as soon as I got off of work, Annie and I stuffed my little car full of our camping gear. There was so much, it was kind of a good thing it was just the two of us going from our household. If there would’ve been anyone else, I have no clue where we would’ve fit them into the car. When we got back, we piled it all out into the driveway so I could determine what had to go back into the garage and what had to go into the house to be cleaned up. It had been almost five years since my last camping trip, and this trip made me realize how much I have missed it. The only things I didn’t miss about camping is the week long prep before going, the week long chore of cleaning everything up to be put away and all the mosquitoes. We loved it so much, we are planning another trip for this fall, when it’s a bit cooler.

Fun in the office!
Fun in the office!

Another fun thing from this summer is the office cookouts. It started when I suggested a potluck, as it has been ages since we did anything like that in the office. The guys liked it so much that we do it just about every Friday now. It gives us another reason to look forward to Fridays.

As for what’s left of the summer, we has started planning Halloween costumes for Miss Cassi’s annual party. This year has a theme of Villains. I’m kind of stuck between a couple of ideas at the moment. Not sure which I will like better, but we’ll see. But, before we can start on costumes, I really need to get the sewing room back in shape, as I haven’t touched it all summer. Oops! lol. Better late than never, huh?  So, until next time….. Happy Crafting!


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