Would rather be knitting (featuring FO’s)


This is what my brain as been saying to me lately. I get up everyday, go to work, and try to work while my brain is constantly going over current and future knitting projects. I somehow make it through the day, just to get home and have to start dinner. Once things are settled, I am finally able to pick up my needles. But, I have a couple of finished objects to share. I finished the Hue Shift Afghan in the Baby color kit:

Project: Hue Shift Afghan Kit from Knit Picks
Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Sport Weight
Colorway: Baby
Started: 12/28/13
Finished: 2/26/14
Notes: I knit this exactly to pattern. This was a kit that I ordered from Knit Picks, so it came with all the yarn needed, as well as the pattern. I did run into an issue that seemed to be common with this kit. Despite being just under gauge, there were 2 colors that I ran out of. I did call Knit Picks to advise them of this, and they willing sent me more of the colors needed. This is why I love Knit Picks. I have very few problems, and for the few that I have had, they have made it right without costing me extra money. As for the pattern, I will say that it’s very addictive. This blanket is so cozy, and little Miss Jellybean has claimed it. Every evening, she expects me to sit down and cover up with it, just so she can stretch out and take her evening naps. I still have the Jewel Kit to finish, and I am thinking of make a couple of more in custom colors.

After all of that, I needed to get in a few quick projects, so I kept moving on my personal goal for pairs of socks knitted in 2014. Here is Finished Pair #7:

Project: Strawberry Latte Toe-up Socks
Yarn: Claudia’s Handpainted Short Sport (Discontinued)
Colorway: Strawberry Latte
Started: 3/1/14
Finished: 3/3/14
Notes: I decided it was time to challenge myself to something I have never tried before, and made some toe-up socks. I am normally a die-hard, top down on DPN’s type of sock knitter, but decided that I maybe at least needed to try something else. I can definitely see the appeal of this type of sock. It makes sure you can use the entire amount of yarn purchased. I used Judy’s Magic Cast On, then improvised a off centered 2×2 ribbing, a short row heel, and then a sewn bind off. I love these socks. The sport weight makes them nice and squishy and warm. Now, after trying toe-up socks, I am wondering if I should give knitting socks on circs a try. Hmmmmm……. That may be the next challenge. 😉

After working on afghan projects for so long (in the past 6 months – 2 completed, 1 at 75% done, and one that still needs to be started), I will be working on socks for a while. Of course, it helps that I have been commissioned to make 6 pairs of socks. That should keep me busy for a couple of weeks, since my sock knitting speed has increase considerably. Then, add to that a pair of birthday socks that will be going on the needles as soon as I get the 2nd sock of a test knit done, and then a pair of  new socks in shocking orange for Annie, and I will be more than 75% to my yearly goal. So, let’s see what I can do over the next couple of weeks. Until later…. Happy Knitting & Sewing!


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