I’m still alive….. I swear!

Happy way after the holidays! I was trying to write a holiday follow up post, but we had a bit of upheaval in the house. We have a new family member. Meet Jellybean:

Miss Jellybean Fussbudget
Miss Jellybean Fussbudget

We brought her home on New Year’s Eve. We got her from a local, cage free shelter. She will be 10 months old in a couple of weeks, and has settled in nicely with our little family. She is spoiled rotten, and a true knitter’s cat, as she settles down on my lap in the evenings when I knit.

PhotoGrid_1390419973057Granted, I have to make sure she doesn’t chew on my needles or DPN’s, and that she doesn’t chase my yarn to chew on. Otherwise, she loves to find ways to trip everyone, ambush the dogs, attack the husband when he isn’t looking, and just plain cause general mayhem. On the other hand, she is such a loving little thing. She greets me when I come home, sleeps at my feet every night (after she is done attacking them under the blankets), and keeps me company when I’m getting ready for work every morning.

Other than that, as evident from before the holidays, I have been bitten by the knitting bug again. And, I knew the sock knitting bug wouldn’t be too far behind. Since the beginning of the year, I have already finished two pairs of socks, and have started two more pairs. I am still working on the “Baby” Hue Shift Afghan for my expectant sister. She has less than a month to go, and I am just about halfway finished with it. And, as my husband has commented, I have been much  more relaxed since I have picked my knitting back up. I have also gained a comrade in arms. Miss Elma has picked back up her knitting needles, and we have been taking a bit of time every Saturday to have tea, talk shop and either knit or help each other plan projects. Knitting is always better when you have someone to share it with. 😉 Next week should see lots of knitting progress, and maybe some progress on getting the sewing room back into shape, as I will be on “stay-cation”. I usually love to take a week off in the middle of winter, just a bit of time to enjoy staying home and not having to be out in the weather. And, next week will be doubly enjoyable on that front, as we are expecting more arctic like weather in Ohio. I see lots of yarn, blankets, hot tea and maybe some yummy baking happening next week.

On that note, I’ll say Happy Knitting & Sewing, and leave you with a pic full of yarny goodness!



ETA: I forgot to add that someone recently turned 13!



That’s right! Annie is officially a teenager now. We celebrated by going to lunch with my mom to Red Robin’s. The waitress picked up on the fact that we were celebrating a birthday, and without being asked, brought her an ice cream sundae, a balloon and had the staff sing Happy Birthday to her. And, of course, I got the blame for it. lol. Oh well! We had fun. I am a little sad that my youngest it growing up on me. If only we can keep them little longer.


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