I’m dreaming of A White Christmas

My all time favorite Christmas movie. And, I got to see it on the big screen. PJ, Annie and I made it to see the one showing the local theater was played. We loaded up on popcorn, slushies and candy, then settled in to watch a great classic and even sing along with the musical numbers. Yes. We sang along. lol. It wasn’t a sell out showing, there wasn’t even half a theater full. But, it was still fun. It was mostly grandparents with a few grandkids, and then us. It was the most pleasurable two hours spent all weekend.

Other than our trip to the movies, our long holiday weekend was filled with turkeys and knitting. I finished off the blanket for my new nephew. I am so proud of it, and happy to have it finished.



I love the color combo I used on this one. It all blends so nicely. This will be definitely be a blanket that can last well beyond the baby years. Now, I just have to finish up a few burp rags and baby bibs, and then I can either mail it off to my youngest sister, or make a trip to visit. I may just visit, that means I get to kiss and pinch little, chubby baby cheeks! 😉 We’ll see what the holiday schedule allows for.

Once that blanket was finished, I couldn’t help myself but to start my reward project. I started my Jewel Toned Hue Shift Afghan.


I am loving this project. This is my first time working mitered squares, but it’s a snap and this blanket is shaping up quickly. Which is a good thing, as I will be making the same blanket in the Baby colors for my niece that is due in February.

In other news, the past couple of days was spent finishing up the annual office Christmas charity toy drive. Every year, we all pitch in what we can to purchase toys for the kids that are in the county child protective services. Last year, we sponsored 10 kids at about $40 each. This year, we didn’t get the paperwork done in time to sponsor any kids. However, they still take donations of new toys, and we raised $430, which I spent every penny of on Monday night. Annie was excited to help me shop again this year. The hubby went along to help. We spent about two and half hours finding everything we could.



Last night, I dropped all of this off the designated office. It was their only late night, and I made it just in time. I love doing this every year. It always feels good.

For the rest of the week, it will be knitting on my blanket and making room for the Christmas tree that I didn’t get around to getting up over the long weekend.  So, until next time…. Happy Sewing & Knitting!


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