Halloween Aftermath

I tried to write this post for several weeks, but was very under the weather for a bit, and then busy with life. As for my illness, I find it ironic that the week before my scheduled vacation days (Oct. 23 – 25), I laughed at the drugstore commercial on the radio. Have you heard it? It’s the one with the guy from Northern Exposure talking about how hard it is for a mother with a full time job to find time to be sick? It goes something like, “I need to get sick… How about next Thursday?” Well, that would be the Thursday I was scheduled off. That’s what I get for laughing, huh? I woke up feeling it in my sinuses and the back of my throat. But, I wasn’t going to let that stop me. No. I had things to do, places to go and a dear friend (Hi Miss Elma!) to have lunch with while we watched the dvr’d season finale of Hell on Wheels. So, I forged forward. We made our lunch run to Chipotle, and then headed back to my house to enjoy. I even had a few other things to do, which included picking Katie up from the zoo so she could stay the weekend with us and make her doctor’s appointments. I still wasn’t feeling too bad.

Friday I was feeling it a little more. I loaned Katie my car to get to her appointments, then I pulled my sewing machine up from the sewing room, and occupied the kitchen table to start making my custom for the party we had on Saturday, October 25th. This is where the photo of the fabric comes in. 😉


I was going to finish up my robe a l’anglaise to wear, but decided that I wanted use a different fabric. So, I hit the fabric store on Wednesday with a couple of 50% off coupons and that is what I came out with. While I was digging out my sewing machine, I also un-buried my 18th c. stays, my 18th c. chemise, my 18th c. puffer, my 18th c. under petticoat, my white stockings and my “as-close-as-I-can-afford-to-get-right-now” shoes. I spent the better part of the day sewing, while doing a few chores in between. After doing this and that, sewing and drinking copious amount of tea with honey, I have this to show for it:

IMG_20131026_172812_880 (1)I know it’s not exactly historically correct, but it was what I was aiming for. I love the printed Damask pattern, and it’s such a lovely shade of blue. (Thank you to Lance at the fabric store for helping be decide between the brown or the blue.) I still have few things I want to do to this dress (like finish the hook & eye closures [I had to wear pinned closed with straight pins], and add a few satin ribbon bows to the tops of the elbow flounces, and maybe a bit of trim here and there), but otherwise, I’m fairly pleased with it. But, there is more to the story. See, someone made an appearance to help me with this dress…..Jane.



Here’s Jane, all trussed up in my 18th c. stays. She was so happy to come up out of the sewing room to help with my dress, she was doing a great job. But, you know that doesn’t last long with Jane. Just being up on the main level of the house must have been more than she can handle, and at some point while I had my back turned, she apparently had a few drinks. After a while, she started slipping, literally:



As you can see, the skirts were pooling around her stand, and she was leaning a little toward her left. I tried getting her to stand up straight, but she just wouldn’t cooperate with me. lol. But, we kept working and got through it. 

Saturday arrived, I had completely lost my voice, but that didn’t keep me down. Nope. We had a party to go to. The Hubby dressed up as his ever favored Zombie Hunter (go figure, huh?), complete with a rubber crowbar I picked up for him at the local Big Box Store. But, for the girls, we hit the thrift shop. A half an hour and just under $40 later, we came out with everything Katie needed for her costume, and the rest of Annie’s costume. So, here are my geeky fangirls:

The 11th and 10th Doctors - photo courtesy of our good friend, Mr. Paxton.
The 11th and 10th Doctors – photo courtesy of our good friend, Mr. Paxton.

As you can tell, we are big Doctor Who fans. I had already picked up the fez and the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver for Annie prior to Halloween, so that left the pants, suspenders, jacket and boots to complete the costume. For Katie, we found a brown pinstriped suit for under $8, and an awesome trench coat for about the same price, along with a nice shirt and tie. Since we weren’t sure if she was going to be attending the party, we didn’t have time to find her the 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. Instead, she carried a Tardis key. 😉 Since they went as the Doctors, I went as The Girl in the Fireplace. It’s been years since I’ve been to a Halloween costume party, and we had a blast. And, since the party was at a friend’s house out side of the city, we took up the invitation to stay over. Come Sunday morning, I was really be pulled under by my illness. When we went home, I promptly fell on the couch and slept most of the day. I woke up long enough to drive Katie back to the college, and just made it home in time to crash again.

After all that excitement, there isn’t too much to report. It took several weeks before I started to feel myself again, and there has only been a little knitting. Oh! Speaking of knitting. My youngest sister did have her baby boy. He was born exactly on his due date, November 1st. He is strong, healthy and cute as a button. I still have to finish up the afghan I am making for him, but I’m in the home stretch. Since this weekend will be a long weekend for me (being closed for Thanksgiving and Black Friday), I hope to have it finished before returning to work. My only other plans are the usual post-Thanksgiving activities, putting up the Christmas tree and other decorations. Oh. And Miss PJ and I may go see A White Christmas at the movies, as a local theater will be playing it for a couple of days only. And anyone who knows PJ and myself knows that that is our all time favorite Christmas movie. EVER!!! If I find it on tv, I will watch it, and I’m surprised I haven’t killed my dvd copy of it, yet. Seeing it on the big screen would be just awesome! So, we are going to do everything we can to make sure we go.

Well, that’s all I have today. Watch the side bar for the project page for the new costume. And, until next time…. Happy knitting and sewing!



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