Knit 1, Purl 2

With two of my three younger sisters expecting babies, it’s only natural that my fingers are busy with my knitting needles, rather than my sewing needles. Knitting for babies gives me the satisfaction of knitting, and the near instant gratification of finishing projects in a short amount of time. It also gives me the pleasure of knitting for loved ones, and still appeals to the mother in me, without having more children, that is. So, until any grandbabies come along (hopefully not for another decade or so, when Katie is out of college and settled in her career), I will be more than happy to knit for any nieces and nephews.

The first baby that is due will be here in early November. My youngest sister, Mandy (who is about 13 years younger than me), is having a baby boy. As soon as I heard, I started plotting what I wanted to make. Of course, on the list are the standard Baby Bib O’Love, the Baby Genius Burp Rags and the One-piece Baby Kimono, all out of the Mason Dixon Knitting book. And, since it is my sister, I have decided to also make a Moderne Baby Blanket. All of these projects are fun to knit, and just simple enough that I can watch all my shows I have in the dvr without messing anything up.

For all of these projects, it takes picking all the right needles, yarns and colors. For the baby bibs, burp rags and the kimono the choice of yarn is the usual, either Peaches & Cream or Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarns. The colors are boy colors: mainly blues and primary colors. As for the yarn for the blanket, that was a bit tougher. I decided to head to my favorite knitting supply site for this one. I needed to find something that is easy to car, and something that the baby potentially won’t be allergic to. So, that meant 100% acrylic. Now, I know what you are thinking. Yuck! Acrylic! But, with babies, you have to be careful. So, I started shopping for a worst acrylic to see what they had. I found Brava. So, I thought, why not? It fits the bill for ease of care, tough for wear and tear, and a very low price per ball of yarn. After contacting Mandy, to see what colors they were using for the baby, I got the all clear to pick whatever color combination I wanted. This gave me a chance to put together something that is suitable for a baby boy, and that is outside the box for the normal baby colors that can stick with him past the baby/toddler years. I picked Denim, Dublin, Brindle and Cobblestone Heather. The colors look great together:



I am just about half way done with the afghan, and the yarn feels so nice. This afghan is going to turn out awesome. Hopefully, it will be a favorite.

My other expecting sister is Lisa. She is next in line after me, as far as age, and we are eleven years apart. This will be her second child, with there being eleven years between them. She goes next week to see if they can tell the gender of the baby. As soon as I hear from her, I can start planning colors for that wee bundle of joy. I can’t wait!

In other knitting news, I have been finishing up my St. Brigid sweater that I started in 2009. Yes. That was some time ago, but I had crafting ADD, and kinda put it out of sight. But, with the setting in of fall, I had the urge to finish it and wear it sometime this winter. When I put it aside, I had the back and one sleeve done. So, first order of business was to finish up the second sleeve, and then start the front. This, I have done. But, in order to make sure that getting my baby knitting done for Mandy, I have put it on the back burner, again.

St. Brigid - in progress!
St. Brigid – in progress!

I really can’t wait to get this sweater done. It’s made from 100% Peruvian wool, and will definitely keep me warm this winter. And, I have a bit of insurance to make sure I do get it done, after all the baby knitting, of course. When I was ordering yarn for the first afghan, I found a reward project for myself:

Reward Project!
Reward Project!

I found the Hue Shift Afghan Kit in Jewel. I have told myself that I can’t touch this until all the other knitting is done. So, it is still sealed in the bag, closed up in the box, and waiting it’s turn in the knitting queue. I just hope it doesn’t take me a couple or years to get to it. lol. Guess, I had better get my fingers to work, huh? So, until next time… Happy Knitting/Sewing!


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