Where has my summer gone?


This summer has moved incredibly fast. Annie goes back to school in about 3 weeks, and Katie goes off to college at the same time. I have gotten very little done this summer that I wanted to do. 😦 But, we still have a few weeks left. However, the ladies and I were able to go out to lunch this past Saturday. We found an awesome place in downtown Columbus that was featured on the show Dead Files, called the Jury Room. This place was awesome. A little smaller than I thought it would be, but the food was great and the service was even better. Definitely a place we will be visiting again, as we plan on taking the husbands back with us. Here is a pic from Saturday:

PJ Elma Tonia at Jury Room - PJ 2


In other news, I have found my costume/creative/sewing mojo in spades! lol. After discussing several ideas over the course of the day with Miss Elma yesterday, I was barely able to go to sleep last night. The ideas were flowing like a river that had finally broke it’s dam. Poor Elma has been catching the brunt of me bouncing ideas around. lol. I sent her an email after we called it a night texting each other, then I sent her another one this morning after a whole new idea hit me. But, I will say that I was able to help her come up with an idea that pleased her, and help to kick her mojo back into place. lol. She would tell me the look that she wanted for a specific element of her costume, and I was able to send right back with a screen cap of the pattern that was exactly what she was looking for. But, this costume plan will be a secret for a bit, as we are kind of planning to include the gentlemen this round of costumes, they just don’t know it yet. Hee hee! More info to come on all of this later. So, in the mean time, Happy Sewing….. and enjoy another pic from the Jury Room.



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