Late to the party…. As usual.


Today started off a bit strange. I was fighting waking up early, when the fan by the bed suddenly shut off. I sat straight up and said, “The electricity went out.” The husband mumbled that it was time to get up. As I was standing on the deck, letting the big mutt out for the morning, the neighbor came out and asked if we were out, too. I stood and chatted with her for a bit, then the husband stumbled out onto the deck and suggested that we all pack up and go to IHOP for breakfast. A short time later, we were in our cars and headed off to some delicious food. The place was busy, but we didn’t have a long wait. Let me just say that we have the best neighbors in the world. I love hanging out with them, and this morning was no exception.

After breakfast, the neighbors went home, and I ran the hubby to Cabela’s to pickup an item he had placed on hold last night. After that, it was an impromptu stop at Lowe’s. This was a spur of the moment idea I had, after I realized that a coupon I wanted to use at JoAnn’s didn’t start until tomorrow. So, I made a quick decision to buy something else I have been wanting for some time. When we got to Lowe’s, the hubby went off in search of a few things he needed and I found myself in the drapery isle. When the hubby found me, I had three packages of Waverly Home Classic Felicite Creme curtain panels in the cart. He looks down at them, and casually says, “Costume material?” I coyly look up at him and say, “What makes you say that?” He chuckled and replied, “You hate curtains. So, that would be the only reason you would buy them.” Busted! lol. I blame it on my CADD.


But, I sooooo wanted to join the 18th Century Curtain-Along last fall when it started. But, with the financial crisis we had at the time, it just wasn’t possible. But, now I am finally able to join along with everyone else. I’m excited and can’t wait, even though it will have to wait until after I make my 1920’s costume. But, that will give me time to decide exactly what I want to make, and to decide if I need to find a few more panels in the color that I picked.  I am also contemplating on going back for a panel of the noir color to make a caraco. And when I say I’m contemplating, that means I just trying to find the time to swing back by and pick it up. lol. As for what I am thinking of making with my creme colored panels, I am thinking of a polonaise with a matching petticoat. I don’t think I will be happy until I finally make one. lol. So, I may be a bit late to the Curtain-Along party, but I’ve finally made.


I may take this as an opportunity to challenge myself, and try a construction technique I’ve been too afraid to try. We’ll see. But, tomorrow I will heading to JoAnn’s to get the lining material for my 1920’s dress, and seeing about getting started on that. So, until next time… Happy Sewing!


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