One down, one to go!


This past weekend went by in a blur. Katie graduated from high school on June 1st. I am so proud of my oldest daughter. She is officially a college student now, and is bound for Wittenberg University to be a music education major.


And, let me tell you. This past weekend was flurry of activity. I don’t remember my high school graduation being that hectic. Then again, that was 20 years ago. lol. We were on the go from the time I got off of work Friday evening. But, it was all worth the rushing around. Now, Katie will be working toward her college graduation, and Annie will be working her way toward her high school graduation.

With all the excitement done, I think I will be making time to get back into the sewing room and start work on my poor, neglected 1920’s dress. Right now, my goal is to have it finished for my birthday lunch with the ladies, so that only gives me a couple of weekends to get it started and finished in. Let’s see if I can do it. 😉 Until next time… Happy Sewing!



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