The beginning of summer adventures


Yesterday was the beginning of what looks to be a fun summer. The hubby and I packed Annie and her friend, Grace, into the car and headed to the Ohio Historical Center. This weekend was the opening weekend for the Ohio Village, and they did it in grand style with a Civil War Encampment. How could I resist going? We’re members of the Ohio Historical Society, so it’s free for us, and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than strolling through the village streets, visiting the sutlery tents, and drooling over the lovely ladies Antebellum dresses.



Besides getting to see a few new galleries on the museum before heading out to the village, we got to see all the soldiers tents set up across the grounds.



We roamed from building to building, stopping in the general store for some root beer. Since this was Grace’s first time in the village, we let Annie and her roam where ever they wanted. The husband and I kept wandering.



Besides the little things I found at the sutleries, my favorite part was seeing all the lovely costumes.



You can’t really tell in the photo above, but the dress in the large part of the photo is a really pale green with polka dots. And, I just loved the girls’ dresses. They were all just so adorable. But, here are my spoils of war:



I picked up 3 patterns: Period Impressions’ 1860’s Evening Dress, Homespun Patterns (James Country) Women’s Early – Mid 1860’s Ball Gown and Homespun Patterns (James Country) Andalusian Vest and Jacket; a lovely straw bonnet, a silk fan and some more than reasonably priced clocked stockings. I am really excited about these finds. They have started to bring back my sewing mojo. Since I laid hands on them, my brains has been spinning on what I can do with them. I have been contemplating colors and fabrics to use with the patterns, ways I can add temporary decorations to the bonnet and which costumes I can use the clocked stockings with. But, I have several more weeks before I can  even begin to work on anything. Next week is Katie’s graduation, celebratory dinner and graduation party. Also, next weekend is the annual Civil War Encampment at Century Village, here in Grove City. We are planning on sneaking over Sunday at opening to spend about an hour, that way we don’t miss it, and we can still make it the graduation party on time….. Hopefully. lol. So, until next time, here is one last photo to enjoy. Oh! And, Happy Sewing!



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