It’s a case of: Good News, Bad News

It’s only Tuesday, but it’s already been that kind of week. So, we’ll start with the good news!

(Information has been removed by the author.)

Now for the bad news. I got a call from the high school today that Katie was in the clinic. She had nearly passed out and hit her head. I was finally able to clear up things enough at work so that I could leave. I had every intention of taking her to the little clinic in the drug store. Instead of taking the short time advertised to be seen, we where there for hours. When we were finally seen, she immediately sent us to the urgent care across the street, thinking she may have had an appendicitis. Once we got to the urgent care, they announced that she had a stomach flu. That was a huge relief. However, they followed through with my request to check her blood sugar. It was 414! For those not familiar with what a blood sugar reading should be, it should be well under 120. My poor baby has diabetes. I had already set an appointment for her to see a new family doctor, as I was worried. That appointment isn’t until February 19th. So, in the meantime, she will have to cut out all sugars, carbs and starches. She will also need to get back to exercising, as they said that her marching band activities most likely kept her diabetes in check enough for us not to notice what was happening. Granted her condition is manageable, and we found out before anything really bad happened, but I still feel sad and angry. I do ask why this skipped me and picked one of my children. I could handle it so much better if it had happened to me. I know it does no good to think that way. But, I will do what I can to help her and show my support. We will be doing a complete life style change to help get everything under control.

Well, I have had my excitement for the week, I am now ready for the weekend, thank you very much! As for my sewing activities, they are still non-existent. I hope to fix that this weekend. But first, the sewing room is still in great need of a good cleaning. With the hubby  back to his normal work schedule, I hope, I may have time in the evenings to get some things done. But, we will see. So, until later… Happy Sewing!


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