2013 Costume Wish List

Usually at or before the beginning of the year, I like to work up a list of costume projects that I want to work on. This usually includes planning each garment for the costume, including the patterns, materials, notions and accessories. Before deciding to put together wardrobes by era, we usually planned projects only by the events we had lined up for the year, but this has all changed.  So, here is my “wish list” of costume projects that I would like to work on for the year:

– 1920’s Sheer “Jazz Baby” Dress (in the planning stages for the Tipsy Tea and Gatsby Movie)
– Titanic Era Dress
– 1913 Travel Suit (in the planning stages for the 100th anniversary of the flood in Ohio)
– 18th c. Caraco Jacket and petticoat
-1905 Walking Ensemble
– Men’s Frock Coat for the Husband’s “Old West” outfit
– Regency Half Robe set
– Viking Costume
– Medieval Costume
– Elizabethan “Anne Boleyn” Dress
– New “Old West” costume for Annie
– Victorian Christmas Costume
– 1860’s Sheer Dress
– Regency Plaid Half Robe (for the 5th Annual Regency Picnic)
– Late Victorian Bathing Suit
– Late Victorian Ensemble
– Emerald Parlor’s 1950’s Sew Along (Butterick Retro B4790)

Now, this list will probably change. Some may be added, some may be dropped. Only time will. 🙂


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