Year in review – A bit late!


I had honestly meant to get this done and posted for the New Year, but as always, life gets in the way. The past year has been a ride, some for the good, some for the bad. But, as always, everything moves forward, and so do we. Without further ado, let’s take a look back at 2012!

Finished Costumes:
My White Regency Cross Front Dress – for the 4th Annual EP Picnic
Annie Regency Wrap Dress – for the 4th Annual EP Picnic
Elma’s Little Angel’s Regency Dresses – for the 4th Annual EP Picnic
My 1950’s Dress – for the 3rd Annual Tipsy Tea
My 1950’s Retro Style Hat – for the 3rd Annual Tipsy Tea
My Sundress  – for the Lavender Festival
Girls’ Sundress – for the Lavender Festival
My Husbands 18th Century Outfit – for the cancelled Federal Ball
A Regency Chemisette – for my Regency wardrobe

Grand total for finished costumes = 11

Unfinished Costumes:
Katie’s 18th Century Riding Habit – for the cancelled Federal Ball
My Robe a l’angaise – for the cancelled Federal Ball

Grand total for unfinished costumes = 2 (Boo!)

I am ashamed to say that I actually have two costumes that I did not finish last year. That is very rare for me. I hope to get both outfits finished soon, after I find the time to clean up the sewing room.

Last year, I did attend a few new events. In June, my husband and I attended the Civil War Encampment at Century Village in Grove City, Ohio. I really enjoyed this event, and look forward to this year, as long as it doesn’t conflict with another large event we have at the beginning of June this year. While we were there, I purchased a Battenburg lace parasol and match fan, both in black for my period wardrobe. This year, I may purchase the same in white, that way I am covered for which ever I need.

Also in June, our group attended the Lavender Festival at Peaceful Acres Farm in Martinsville, Ohio. We made special sundresses to wear. Spent a large portion of the day picking lavender and looking over the vendor booths that were set up. We were apparently photographed by the farm staff, and named their “Favorite Guests” on their website. After which, we decided to picnic at Cowan Lake State Park nearby. We do plan to attend this festival again this year. I can’t wait.

In July we attended the War of 1812 Encampment at Adena Mansion in Chillicothe, Ohio. This was another enjoyable event. We were able to roam the grounds, visit the museum, tour the house and out buildings, checked out the vendors that were set up, and even got to see some militia drills in the open fields. We had wanted to dress in era costumes, but due to the heat, opted to wear summer dresses. I definitely want to visit again, and possible attend more events at this location.

In August, we returned to Kent State Fashion Museum. This time is was to see the exhibit On the Home Front: Civil War Fashion & Domestic Life. This was another exciting exhibit. The perfectly preserved garments were a visual treat. While we were there, we got an extra surprise, as they had recently opened another exhibit. That one was the Fashion Timeline Exhibit. I have noticed that I neglected to do a post on our visit, so I will need to get on that. 😉 We do plan to got back this year to see the new exhibit, Undress: Shaping Fashion and Private Life. So, keep you eyes open for that one.

For a recap of the events we had this year, besides a few of those list above, we had our usual events. In May, we had our 3rd Annual EP Tipsy Tea. The theme for this one was 1950’s. We were eyeballs deep in crinoline skirts, bullet bras and tea hats. lol. And then in September, we held our 4th Annual EP Regency Picnic. This year, we switched it up a bit and moved the picnic to Cowan Lake State Park. As always, it was such an enjoyable event. Plenty of good food and good company.

During some of our little adventurous outings, I did have some nice fabric finds. I’ll have to do a post dedicated to those finds.

Other life events from last year cropped up. My laptop took a nose dive, and I had to save up and purchase a new one. My husband lost his job, and was unemployed for nearly 7 months before finding a much better paying job to replace it. My husband, the budding writer, had short stories in 2 anthologies published just before his first novel was published late in the year. Then, we added a new family member. I brought home a new kitten early in July. And, boy has she been a handful! She is now going on 8 months old, and she is something else. She has been officially dubbed (as I give my pets ridiculously long names) Cerridwen Dwendolyn of the Orange Cat Clan (Ceri for short), since her mother and  most of her siblings are orange tabby cats. Otherwise, she has been nick named Ninja Kitty, as she likes to leap on you, without warning, and you never know which direction she’s coming from. My husband is her favorite target.

I had intended to talk about my 2013 “Costume Wish List”, but this post seems to be running overly long. So, I will work up a post just for that topic. Looks like I have a bit of work to do for the next couple of post, huh? But, that’s a good thing.

As for 2013, it promises to be an eventful year, that’s for sure. This year we are looking forward to our scheduled events, revisiting some from last year, trying to go to a few that we found, but missed (New Boston Market in Springfield, OH), and returning to some that we just didn’t have the time and/or money for (Great Lakes Medieval Festival and The Old West Festival). Besides all of that, we are looking forward to Katie graduating high school in June, and then going off to college in the fall. It’s going to be another full year, that’s for sure.

So, until next time (hopefully soon)…. Happy Sewing!

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