Lazy Blogger Sunday

Wow! I guess I have really neglected my blog. lol. But, we have been very busy. The EP’s 4th Annual Regency Picnic was yesterday, and we had a blast, like usual. This year, we held the picnic at Cowan Lake State Park. We were able to get picnic tables near the beach. It was a nice change to be able to stroll on the beach.


We had lots of good food, as always. And we enjoyed ourselves well into the early evening.


Our lovely group of girls
Our feast

The younger girls playing on the beach.
The sail boat regatta on the lake. The perfect back drop for our picnic.

I can’t wait for next year’s picnic. We have decided to construct gowns in rich fall colors, and serve fall inspired dishes. I’m very excited.

And, speaking of gowns constructed in rich colors. We made our annual visit to Kent State Fashion Museum. I have some photos to share from that trip in my next post. Until then…. Happy Sewing!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    My goodness, me and PJ look like gluttonous pigs stuffing our faces! lol!

  2. Darlene says:

    had to take a pic whilst everyone was eating…. 🙂

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