Ah, Monday! We meet again….


The last fews weeks have seen very little progress in the way of sewing. Since little Ceri has entered the house, I have been drained. And, considering that she gets me up early, it’s no wonder. But, it is kind of a good thing, especially since school will be starting again in about three and half weeks. 

She had me up at 5 am on Saturday, and that just drained me for the rest of the weekend. Miss Elma came over at about 10 am, and I was pretty slap happy when she got there. However, I was productive, even if it wasn’t in the sewing room. I made 2 fresh loaves of bread, and got dinner started (pinto bean with a ham hock, fried potatoes and onions and fresh corn bread) before Elma arrived. I let it simmer all day long, and by the time the guys got back from the movies, it was more than delicious. However, I did end up making 2 dinners, as my husband and Annie do not like home cooked pinto beans. That means I made sloppy joes for them. For dessert, Miss PJ bought a strawberry Boston cream pie. Yum! I don’t know if I will ever be able to eat a regular Boston cream pie again.

As for the little sewing progress I did make, and I do mean little, it was all on Regency items. Go figure, huh? lol. I got Annie’s new chemise put together, and the seams flat felled. I just need to run bias around the arm holes (it’s sleeveless), make and run bias around the neck line for the drawl string, and then measure and make the tucks at the bottom to pull up the length. That progress was made last Wednesday night. The only other progress I made was to find some small pearl buttons for my ivory chemisette, sew the button holes, and sew on the buttons. So little progress, and I feel so ashamed. Not really. lol. But it sounded good, huh? So, I will have to kick it into high gear this week. I need to get the bodice mock ups made for Elma’s girls, so I can try to fit them next weekend, and then get their gowns cranked out. Then, next on the agenda is Annie’s wrap dress, my sleeveless chemise and my basic white cross front dress. I have about 3 1/2 working weekends left before the picnic, as we will be making our trip to Kent State (finally) to see the Civil War dress exhibit, and then we will be attending the New Boston Market in Springfield, for the first time. The next month and half is going to be fun! So, until next time, here is a pic of my spoiled cats (having breakfast yesterday), and…. Happy Sewing!

Spoiled felines

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