A day at Adena Mansion and Gardens


Yesterday, the ladies and I headed out for a day of fun in the sun. We attended the War of 1812 Encampment at the Adena Mansion and Gardens in Chillicothe, Ohio. PJ, Annie and I drove to Dayton to pick up Angie, and Tammi met us at the event. We had debated if we should attend in Regency costume, but decided against it due to the heat, and it being our first time visiting Adena. And, I must admit, I am smitten with the main house. We took a tour of the house, which just made me want to spend more time exploring it.

Adena Mansion – front view

We also toured the gardens that were located next to the house. The layout was lovely with the perennial gardens closest to the house, the kitchen gardens just below that, and a small orchard at the far edge.

The mansion, as seen from the kitchen garden
Anne, sitting on the garden wall at the lower edge of the kitchen gardens
Strolling through the gardens

After our house tour, we had a tailgate lunch in the field where we parked. Always a lovely picnic lunch of sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit, iced tea and a yummy angel food cake for dessert. Once we were refreshed, we headed in to the visitors’ center and museum.

Extant clothing on display in the museum
Miss PJ playing a trick on Angie, and shutting the light for the case off

After we had our fun in the museum, we roamed back outside to see what was going on. We explored the sutlery tents that were set up, and watched the militia doing drills near the tents. We explored the tenant house, and chatted with some of the reenactors that were inside.

In the kitchen of the tenant house
I love this photo, it’s almost a portal into another time
A window to another time – a young man, sitting on the hill while sketching the landscape
The outside of the tenant house

After left the tenant house, we finished exploring the grounds. We checked out the barn and the spring house that was down hill from the manor house.

The spring house

By this point, things were winding down. The sutlery tents were packing in for the night, and we were wore out. So, we headed toward where we parked, by way of the gardens. When we got to the field used for parking, we found that just about everyone else had left, and my poor car was all by itself (we had parked in the middle of all the other cars):

My poor little car, all by herself

Our day ended with a trip back to Dayton to drop off Angie, and the ride back to Columbus. We had such a lovely day, even when we had some creepy guy trying to follow us on the freeway back to Dayton (we lost him once we got off the freeway). We plan on making this a regular place to visit, our next trip most likely being in costume. 😉

Next up will be back to working on Regency clothing. Miss Elma is due over this coming weekend to work on pattern drafting, and I need to get back to working on my Regency wardrobe, which I did pick up some nice fabric to make a couple of half robes with, but that’s another post. lol. Until then… Happy Sewing!


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