A small upheaval, also known as a new addition to the family


Well, I accomplished nothing this past weekend. No surprise there, considering we had a bit of excitement. Besides a parade that Katie had to march in, that we were unaware of until the last minute, we welcomed a new family member. Meet my newest baby, Cerridwen, Ceri for short:

I was able to bring her home on Saturday, after Katie’s parade. I had everything waiting for her, since I went out Friday night and stocked up. We had a full house to welcome her. Miss PJ was over with her husband and youngest, and Miss Tammi was over for the day. She got to meet everyone up close and personal, even if everyone wasn’t thrilled:

Vinny was less than thrilled to meet Ceri

Vinny wasn’t too sure about her to begin with. Jaxx is kind of indifferent at this point, since she is not really big enough to play with. And, Bebe seems to have decided that this is her new baby. If Ceri cries, she must inspect her to see what is wrong. But, since Saturday, Vinny was decided that she isn’t so bad. He’s decided that she is a worthy playmate:

Play with me?

Even though I didn’t sew, I did pick up some fabric for a future project. I have been looking at this fabric at my local Big Box store for weeks. I finally decided that, at such a cheap price per yard, I couldn’t pass it up:

This fabric just screams mid 19th century dress to me. Now, I just need decide on the design of dress that I want to do. But, I do know that I will need to go another location to get more fabric, as the bolt was supposed to be 10 yards, but came up as what I call a Harry Potter bolt. lol. It only had 9 3/4 yards. And, most dresses that I will probably want to make will need anywhere from 12 to 15 yds. So, I’ll be making a trip within the next week to pick another bolt. Besides, with the extra fabric, I can make a matching bonnet and/or different bodice options.

Not sure if I’m going to get any sewing done this weekend, as on Saturday I will be going to the War of 1812 Encampment with PJ, Tammi and Angie. I’m excited and can’t wait. And, who knows what Sunday will bring. Until later… Happy Sewing!


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