How I kept from melting in the heat…


I hid in my sewing room all weekend, which is in the basement. lol. But, I wasn’t alone. Katie joined me. And, after last week, I needed a weekend in the sewing room. Let’s start with the storms, shall we? On Friday, June 29th we had some major storms pass through. Winds 70+ mph. Let’s just say that we nearly had out 4th of July fireworks early. There was so much wind and rain, it blew up a transformer in front of our office. Well, it blew up 4 or 5 times. Then, a downed power line took out a tree, set it on fire, and then arced back to a parked truck. I don’t think that truck will ever start again. I had to stay well past quitting time to wait out the storm, before trying to get home. Once I got home, I found out that my husband had been hit in the head with a hail stone while trying to get the girls in the house, after picking Katie up from band practice. The temps had been approaching 100 degrees F before the storm, and it didn’t get any better after. On Sunday, another storm blew through, with more of the same. A very large part of Ohio lost power, and I am very grateful that we still have power through the whole thing.

On Monday, I returned to work to find the power had been restored, and everything seemed to be fine. Until about 9:30 am, when our phone and computers went down. Not what I wanted, being the only person to cover our international department, the regular guy was on vacation. So, that is how my week started, and it didn’t get any better. The weather was nasty all week. Work was unbearable without the phones and computers, and when they finally did come back up, I was scrambling to get things done and pile on all the problems that popped up. Then, Katie came down with strep throat, in the middle of all that heat and misery. So, there were doctor visits, pharmacy runs and lots of ice cream and popcicles. Needless to say, I was more than happy when the weekend rolled back around, despite have a day off in the middle of the week for the holiday.

For the weekend, I was in a Regency frame of mind. I decided that I need to get started on the stuff for the upcoming 4th Annual EP Regency picnic in September. I will be making myself a plain white dress to wear with a colorful shawl. Annie has requested a Regency wrap dress like the dress I made for myself last year. Katie will not be attending this year. 😦 But, I have volunteered my services to Miss Elma to help with dresses for her girls. Miss Elma will be making a Regency drop front, so to give her time to concentrate, I will be making the dresses for her two little angels. Both of her girls are several years younger and smaller than Annie, so their dresses should take no time at all to whip up. I’m excited to see what fabrics they pick out for her to bring to me. So, this weekend I pulled out the drop front pattern that I drafted a couple of years ago, just to make sure I have everything in order so I can work with Elma in down sizing it for her.

Above is one of my drafted pattern pieces. You can see all the marks and notes I made on it. Some of those notes I added on Saturday, as I forgot to add them when I made it. Oops! And, in order to make some of the notes that I did, I had to pull the dress out of storage to look it over. But, that was no big deal, since I needed to get it out anyway. On Saturday July 21st Miss PJ, Angie and myself will be going to The War of 1812 Encampment event at the lovely Adena Mansion in Chillicothe, Ohio. So, it needed to be aired out and ironed.

Besides my Regency drop front pattern, I also worked to put my Regency Wrap dress pattern in order, as I found the drafted pieces laying in odd places around the sewing room. I still haven’t figured that one out. lol. I also cleaned up other stray pattern pieces and pattern sewing instructions that some how didn’t make it back into their places at the end of the projects. All the while, Katie and I watched BBC’s Manor House, followed up by Mansfield Park and BBC’s 2009 miniseries of Emma. We did have a snack break while watching Mansfield Park.

I also took that time to do a bit image searching to see about making a Regency Half Robe. Also, in the process, I took some time to plan out a Regency wardrobe, as Angie and I have decided that we really want to build wardrobes for ourserlves by era. And since we already have a head start on a  Regency era wardrobe, why not pick up there, huh? With as many Regency garments as we have already made, it’s amazing how many more is still needed to made a decent wardrobe. So, I now have a good idea of what I have, what I want and where I can start to finish it up.

The above photo is where I will be starting for my first half robe. I found about 3 yds of the fabric left over from my drop front dress. Well, actually, it was a  different dye lot, so I couldn’t use it for the drop front, so it will become a half robe. And, I have decided to use the ol’ stand by Regency pattern, Simplicity 4055, for the bodice pattern. I will be using view B, but with the opening moved from the back to the front, and a bit extra added to give a bit more gathering to it. Then, on Sunday, Katie and I headed back down to the sewing room, and while finishing the last episode of Emma and moving on to A&E’s Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version, of course), I worked on tracing out some more patterns, as I need to make Annie a new chemise. She’s out grown her old one. So, out came the Sense & Sensibility pattern.

I also traced out the chemisette patterns, and decided to give it a quick go with some ivory sheer material I had laying around. I made the basic chemisette, but I still need to find buttons I like for it. Oh! And pardon Jane for being dressed in my 1770’s stays. She is still wearing them from a sewing project a couple of projects ago. lol. So, that was my Regency weekend. This coming weekend will be more of the same, as I will be working on Annie’s stuff. She almost gets a whole new set of garments this year, minus the stays. Last year’s stays should still fit. Here’s hoping the rest of this week flies by! Happy Sewing!


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