Daisies, polka dots and lavender! Oh my!


Our day at the Summer Solstice Lavender Festival was the best! We had such a great day despite being rained on and hearing tornado sirens. We completely enjoyed the festival and will be attending again next year.

Annie – in the middle of the lavender field

We started out at the lavender festival at around 11 am. We strolled the vendor tents to see what everyone had for sale. We tasted samples of yummy stuff made from lavender – lavender snickerdoodles, blueberry and lavender pound cake, blackberry and lavender jam, and the lavender ice cream.

Miss PJ – harvesting some lavender

We made our way to the UPick tent, paid for our bundles, picked snips to use and headed into the fields to. We roamed between the rows and rows of beautiful lavender, stopping at here and there to harvest what caught our eye.

My bundle, as I was harvesting

After we finished picking what we wanted, we made another round through the vendor tents to buy what ever may have caught our eye. I bought a small jar  (about a 1/2 cup of culinary grade) lavender and a pint jar of lavender sugar. Once we had our purchases secured in baskets, we packed up and headed to a near by state park for a picnic.

We ended up at Cowan Lake State Park. This is a park we have never been to, and didn’t even know existed. This is a great park. We loved it so much, that we have even decided that we are moving our annual Regency Picnic to this park. When we arrived and were looking for a place to set up the picnic, we discovered sail boats on the lake.

The view from our picnic site

We had a great lunch of wonderful, home made goodies and chatted the afternoon away. After a few hours, we noticed the wind was picking up, so we packed everything back into the cars, just to keep it dry. We decided to go for a walk to explore the area, with umbrellas in hand. Good thing, since the sky cracked open and dumped on us. We even heard tornado sirens.

We took shelter in the restrooms (just like at the 2010 Regency picnic), and discovered that park was in much better shape. We found that there is a little plaza at the rest area, and the rest area is right off the small beach. There are also some prime picnic areas near the beach. This helps us to make the decision to move the Regency picnic. After the storm passed, we walked some more. Eventually, we made our way back to the beach.

Strolling on the beach

We hung around, chatting and enjoying each other’s company until about 6 pm. Then PJ, Annie and I reluctantly parted ways with Angie, Patty and Rose. Now, it’s time for the next round of sewing, and waiting for the next get together.

L to R – Patty, Angie, me and PJ

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