Sunny sundress weekend

I managed to make lots of progress this weekend on the three sundresses I needed to get done. Granted, I didn’t get them all done, like I wanted, but I got close enough. On Saturday, I only got the three patterns I was using traced and cut out. Then, I helped PJ trace her pattern, cut it out and we got her fabric cut. But, during the afternoon, we made a fatal mistake. We left the house. I learned a long time ago that I leave the house, nothing gets done! We decided that we needed a break, plus it was a little hot for the kiddies, so out we went. We got sucked into the black hole that is the Wally World. We went in just for a kiddie pool, snacks and something for dinner. Half way through, we found the fabric department. 😉  We did know where the fabric department was, but they had just got on a new shipment of fabric, and some of them were really nice cotton prints that could be used for historical costumes. Needless to say, we got sucked right in. I ended up with about 4 yds of a nice green on green cotton print to make a cute summer shirt for Annie, and about 5 yds of a sheer turquoise fabric with flowers printed on it. I will be going to back for more of that cotton print, when I have moolah for it, that’s for certain.

On Sunday, I got a late start. I didn’t hit the sewing room until around 10am. I got the fabric for all three dresses cut, and then promptly started on my dress. I love this pattern. I will probably more a few more, once I find some fabric I like for it. I got my dress done down to just the finishing bit, and left it hang on Jane for the skirts to drop out. Then, I started on Annie’s dress. This pattern was quick and easy, as well. Another pattern that I will be using again, except I think I’ll make one of the other styles. After getting Annie’s dress done down to the finishing details, I started on the one for my niece, Rose. I was doing really good, but I had not had very much to eat for the day, and it was approaching 8pm. I got the lining of the bodice sewn together, and moved on the fabric of the bodice. When I found that I had sewn the back of the bodice on in the wrong direction, I decided I was done for the day. I seam ripped the piece back off, put it gently down on the sewing table, shut off my machine and walked away. I had every intention of finishing her dress last night, but lack of motivation got the better of me. I only got about half of what was left done. Here’s to hoping I can finish it off tonight. lol. So, in parting, I’ll leave you with a pic of Annie in her nearly finished sundress. Granted, she doesn’t look too happy, but that’s only because I pulled her away from watching Fairly Odd Parents on Netflix. 😉


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