Graduations, Base Ball and Sun Dresses



The past couple weeks have been packed full. lol. Last week was the end of the school year for Katie and Annie. Katie is now offically a senior, and Annie is officially a 6th grader. Granted, it’s a bad thing that my husband is still unemployed, but it was a good thing last week when I needed his help to run after the girls and their crazy partial day schedules at school.

Speaking of seniors, last week was gradution week all around. Several of the children I have watched grow up over the years, took their walk across the stage. I didn’t attend all of the cermonies, but I did make sure I was at my niece’s graduation on Friday evening. Watching the cermony has reminded me of how quickly they have all grown up, and how old I’m getting. lol. I forgot my good camera, but I did get a few shots with my phone. Here is my favorite (photo taken with Instagram): 

I almost didn’t keep this photo, but it seems very appropriate. The world sometimes seems to stand still, but our children are growing up so fast, it all seems to be a blur. Next stop for Maria is college. And, next year it will be Katie’s turn to take that walk.

On Saturday, the hubby and I headed over to the Civil War Encampment that was being held at Century Village in Fryers Park in Grove City,  OH. And, I say the hubby and I, because the girls opted to stay with family in Dayton for the week. We had a very nice time. We arrived at about noon. They had just fired off the cannons, and the base ball (yes, to seperate words, as they play the game as it was played in the 1860’s) game had just started. I will say this much, I like to play ball, but not like this. They play without gloves. Yes, they play bare handed. Ouch! 

-photo taken with Instagram

 We wandered around, we looked at all the vendors, be had lunch at the consessions tent, and I finally got to see the inside of the building. 😉 They have reenactors to represent the French and Indian War era, the War of 1812 era and , of course, the Civil War era. We also encounter Buffalo Bill in front of the farm museum: 

*photo take with Instagram

And, I’m very excited about my purchase. Especially since I normally don’t purchase items at events like this. I found a tent ran by Greene Leather, and she was offering up Battenburg Lace parasols and fans. She had the parasols in 20″, black or white, straight or curved hands for $30. The fans were also in black or white, and were only $12.

 As you can see, I picked the black. The hubby was questioning my choice, asking if I sure, or if I wanted the white. I reassured him that my choice was sound, as I have plans to make my 1860’s sheer gown in the black cotton gauze Angie got me for my birthday last year. I’m very pleased with my purchase. I know I’ll be using them for more than just my sheer gown.

Next up will be sun dresses for the Lavender Solstice Festival. We decided that we wanted to break away from our normal costume sewing, and make a few modern garments. I went shopping this past weekend to pick up pattern, fabric and notions. I will be making dresses for Annie, my niece Rose and myself. I hope to have them done this weekend. So, in parting, I will leave you with a collage of the patterns and fabrics. Happy Sewing!

Top: My pattern and fabric; Bottom – pattern for the girls, pink fabric for Annie and blue fabric for Rose

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