Tipsy Tea Aftermath


We had a blast at the 3rd Annual Tipsy Tea, as always. The day was perfectly sunny, if a little on the warm side. I am so glad that we went with the 1950’s theme. If we had went with Victorian (like last year), or an earlier theme, we would’ve melted. It was a balmy 85 degrees in Dayton.

L to R: Elma, Me, PJ, Angie, Katie and Maria

We spent some time at Cox Arboretum for a photo shoot with the ever talented Ms. Fleming. I can’t wait to see how those came out. Granted, with my dress and my crinoline, I probably look like a cow. lol. After we left the arboretum, we headed off to one of our favorite place, The Dublin Pub. Along with our great conversation, we had some yummy cocktails and appetizers. We ordered deep fried pickles, giant stuffed mushrooms (my favorite from now on!) and Blarney Stones. I drank several Emerald Lemonades (which I think should become the offical drink of the Emerald Parlor, just saying!), while the other ladies had Appletinis.

My delicious Emerald Lemonade

When we were done at the Dublin Pub, we headed across the street to a great little vintage store. It was chaulked full of glorious finds. I wish I had the money to buy it all. They had everything from Victorian boots to antique furniture to lovely vintage jewelry. Katie ended up with a couple of pairs of cute clip on earrings. Once we were done browsing, we headed back to Angie’s to enjoy the food we had there.

We had everything from yummy finger sandwiches to some really great retro appetizers. Spent several hours just sitting in the dining room, chatting, eating and drinking cocktails and tea. It wasn’t until around 9 o’clock that we started packing up to head back to Columbus. All in all, another great Emerald Parlor Event. I can’t wait for the next EP event, which will be the our visit to Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm. Check out the EP Events page for details, if you are interested in joining us. Until later….. Happy Sewing!

*Watch for more photos on my Flickr stream!


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