Are you sure the weekend is over?

This weekend was a blur! Besides being on call for work, I was running my butt off for Katie. Saturday morning, she had her SAT’s, and directly after was her band banquet. The time crunch was so bad, that she was late for the band banquet, but they knew her schedule and worked around her. I ended up helping with her dress while she was at her SAT’s. I put in the zipper, put in the lining, and hemmed it. The lining still needs to be finished, but she looked great in it. I forgot to get pics of her wearing it, but that can come later, as she will be wearing it in a little over a week. But, besides all of that, I did actually work on my dress this weekend.

Sunday was the only day I worked on it, and even then, I procrastinated about it. I probably would have gotten more done, but I just couldn’t stop dragging my feet. After doing my mock up in some left over burgundy broadcloth. I had to go a little larger than the normal size I use, as Butterick patterns tend to run a little small, especially in the bust area. I got everything cut out in for my lining and in the shantung. As for actual sewing, I got the lining put together before I quit and hunted up something to kill my headache. Everything is just sitting and waiting for me to sew it all together. Which, I will be trying to knock out in quick order this week, as I need to help PJ get another shirt cut for her costume. The one she made was a little too small. As the tea gets closer, the more excited I get. Plus, next week I’m on vacation. I can’t wait! Until later….. Happy Sewing!


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