It’s almost May??


Time has just been moving too fast. I can’t believe that May is just next week. I have had so little sewing time. I did manage to get into the sewing room on Sunday to start my crinoline for my Tipsy Tea dress. I have everything cut out, and it’s about halfway sewn together. I did try to sew in the evenings, but once again, Chaos runs amuck in my household. Thank goodness that this round of costumes aren’t that involved. Heaven knows I still haven’t finished the last round. I have really started slacking. And, then Costume ADD rears it’s head again. While sitting at work yesterday, I started thinking about what I want to wear for the EP’s 4th Annual Regency Picnic, and it isn’t until September!  Well, here’s to hoping I have averyproductive weekend. I really want to finish this dress up, so I can go back to finish up my 18th c. robe a l’angaise and Katie’s 18th c. riding habit. Wish me luck! And watch for updates in the newly added page for my 1950’s Tipsy Tea Dress on the side bar. Until later…. Happy Sewing!


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