Motivation still escapes me…..


I had every intention of working in the sewing room for the past couple of weeks, but that is still yet to happen. The day before Easter, we headed over to PJ’s to color eggs. The kids had a blast. We colored about three and half dozen eggs. Half which was sent home with us. That evening for dinner, we went to Otani’s, so the guys could get their sushi fix and the rest of the group could get their karaoke on. lol. And, no, I don’t do karaoke. It’s not that I can’t sing, cause I can. I sing in the car only. I hasn’t sang in public since the high school days of girls glee and all the other choirs I was part of. Anyway, the hubby did great with his song selection, as always. (And, for those of you that friends with PJ and myself on facebook, she posted a video of him doing some AC/DC. ;}) Easter was a lazy day, no big “to do” for Easter. I made a very large pot of chili for dinner. That was pretty much it, especially since I have finally been outed as the Easter Bunny.

Last week was a train wreck of phenomenal size. Everything from hospital visits to overly dramatic teenaged angst to extreme food allergy reactions to PJ missing a step and hurting herself. I shed more blood and tears last week than is ever needed in one week. And, during all of this my husband lost his job. He worked for a non-profit organization, and they lost most of their Federal grant money. His whole department was eliminated. So, things have just become a whole lot slimmer around our house. Despite all of this, I am determined to get back to my current sewing projects, if for no other reason than being able to move on to my Tipsy Tea dress. I am so looking forward to the tea party next month. We always have such a good time. I can’t wait to pull on a crinoline, slip into my dress, take some pics and then hit the restuarant for some cocktails and appetizers. Then, we can take our stroll through the historic Oregon District in Dayton. And besides all that fun, I need a Ladies Day! Some cocktails, some good food and my girls!

So, the goal this week is try to finish everything up so I can move forward. I’ll have to just force myself down the steps to the sewing room. Maybe I’ll hijack the wii from the livingroom, that way I can watch Destination Truth or Monarch of the Glen on Netflix. That may just be the thing to help motivate me. So, in parting, I’ll leave you with a pic of an actual finished project. Nevermind that it’s a pair of ankle socks that I knitted over the weekend, it’s still a finished project. lol. Until later….. Happy Sewing!


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