Living on slacker time….

That’s how I’ve been living lately, as far as my sewing goes, that is. lol. I have not been in the sewing room in several weeks. The unfinished items that were for the Costume ball are sitting in the sewing room, still unfinished. I’m afraid my sewing mojo is trying to escape, again! Quick, lock the door! But, to help revive the mojo, I have started turning my eye toward my 1950’s dress for the EP’s Tipsy Tea in May. So, to further help my mojo, here’s a preview of what I’m going to make. I decided to use Butterick B5556 for my dress:

B5556 - photo courtesy of Butterick

I will be making the dress on the left. The fabric I picked for this is shantung in a color called Capri. My accents will be black, such as a black belt, black shoes, black handbag, and black crinoline. I am still trying to decide if I want a hat. I’ll be keeping an eye out for some cat eye sunglasses, as well. Here is the shantung I picked up last night:

Capri Shantung

I love this color! It is just a tad darker than in the pic. It will look really good with my new red-er hair color. But, I seem to have the unfortunate luck of always picking fabric that has just been discontinued. I have the same problem that I had with my fabric for my robe a l’angaise, there’s just enough for the dress I have planned. I checked when I bought this, the warehouse was completely out, and the nearest store that had any was Dayton. Of the three stores out there, only one had 3 1/2 yds of it. When someone looked a little deeper for me, theonly other store that had it was a store in Virginia, and they had less than a yard. Guess I better do a good mock up before hand, and then cut carefully, huh? As for my shoes, here is what I found:

My new 1950's style shoes

I found these beauties at Payless for $20. The heel is nice and low, and they are so comfy that I feel like I’m standing flat footed in them. They will go perfectly with my dress. Oh! And I did order a bolt of black netting for my crinoline when Angie ordered last week. It’s currently sitting at her house. I do need to decide if the ribbon trim on the hem will be black or turquoise. I also need to decide how to style my hair. Now that it’s much shorter, I have more options.

Well, guess I had better get back to work, huh? lol. It’s such a lovely Friday. Too bad I can’t move desk out onto the new front stoop. :sigh: Anyway! Until next time, Happy Sewing!


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