A little R&R….


I had intended for this past weekend to full on gang busters sewing. But, a couple of unforeseen things popped up, which led to us postponing the upcoming costume ball. That was fine with Miss PJ and myself. We decided to take advantage of the fine weather, and went shopping on Saturday. I ended up with a pair of awesome shoes for my 1950’s Tipsy Tea dress, a cute “little black dress” that was actually flattering to my fluffy form (well, the husband thought it was more than flattering ;}), a nice pair of jeans that actually fit, a kimono style sheer top and a cami in the same color for under it. After all the shopping excitement, we packed up everyone and went to dinner at one of my favorite Asian places. The guys got their sushi fix, and I got my Wor Sue Gai that I have been craving for months. But, I was able to get some things done before we called it quits for the day. I got most of the stuff for Katie’s and the Hubby’s tri-corns cut out, and Katie’s jabot cut out and partially sewn. On Sunday, I finished up Katie’s jabot, and got her underpetticoat mostly sewn. Then, I shut down the sewing room, and headed for the kitchen. For dinner, I made an amazing Guinness Beef Stew, mashed potatoes and Irish soda bread (the real stuff, not the fake stuff with dried fruit in it). While the stew was simmering, I put on the Walking Dead marathon, and worked on getting the ribbon trim I wanted around the neckline of the Mini Martha gown. That gown is now completely done, in the manner in which I envisioned it. Now, I just need to finish Katie’s and mine. lol.

Well, time to finish relaxing for the evening, and listening to some Etta James. Until later……. Happy Sewing!


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