One costume closer……


I finished up my hubby’s costume Monday, except for his tricorn hat. So, this evening, since now have daylight in the evening, I made him dress up and pose. lol.

I really enjoyed making him a whole outfit. And, since we plan on taking a trip to Colonial Williamsburg (soon, I hope!), I have plans to construct him more. I want to make him another a couple more shirts using Simplicity 4923, a couple more pairs of breeches in browns and tans, several more waistcoats (maybe a few in linen), and at least a couple more frock coats. I’ll formulate those plans once I get the rest of current costumes done.

I must admit, my loving husband is such a sport in all of this. He is willing to wear just about anything I make for him. He was a little resistant to breeches, when I first mentioned them a few years ago. But, the fact that I would be willing to make them in black helped. Now, he is willing to let me make more. It probably helps that they are fairly comfortable. lol.

Well, from here it will be finishing up Katie’s Riding Habit and my Robe a l’anglaise. I do have a bit of trim work for the Mini Martha dress that Annie will be wearing, but that can be done while watching tv late in the evenings. So, until next time…… Happy Sewing!

*** You can read more about this costume on the diary page, located on the side bar.


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