Did you order the illness with a side of grumpy?


That pretty much sums up my weekend. lol. I was still trying to kick the illness that had been holding me under to more than a week, and it seems like someone piled on the grumpy to go with it. I got up early Saturday morning, not by choice, and started to work on my costume. I flat lined the printed fabric, and decided to work with the lining to make sure the fit was right, and it just didn’t want to work with me. Rather than get too overly angry with it, I set it aside and went for the mindless projects. Petticoats. I started in on Katie’s stuff for her riding habit. I tossed 10 yds of bleached muslin in the washer, and set about cutting the panels for her black petticoat. That was done quickly enough, so I started and finished her puffer. Once the puffer was done, I traced the shirt pattern I wanted to use for Katie. This pretty much finished off my day for me, without any victims of sewing rage. lol.

Sunday rolled around rather too early, thanks to Daylight Savings. Why do we still need that? I would rather have my hour back, thankyouverymuch! But, we got moving soon enough. Miss PJ picked me up and we hit the fabric store to make sure we had everything we needed. When we got back, I started on the ironing of the 10 yds of muslin. I said I wanted something mindless to do, right? Well, mindless it was. Good think I had one of my favorite BBC shows in the dvd player, Monarch of the Glen. After getting all that fabric ironed, I set to work tracing Katie’s shirt. I used Simplicity pattern 4923, in a size medium. I love this shirt pattern. It went together very well. I did have alter the shoulders a bit (too much of a drop shoulder on Katie, but it is a men’s pattern), but other than that, it worked great. Here’s a quick peek at her in the shirt:


This evening, I started on drafting the jacket. I had to stop, due to a pounding headache. I will be trying to finish the draft tomorrow, so I can get started on actually sewing it. The sooner I can get this done, the better. Especially since the ball is next weekend. Blah! Anywho, you can see more about Katie’s riding habit by checking out the diary page on the side bar.

In other news, I got the husband’s costume finished up last night. Well, except for the tricorn, but that will be made when I have time. lol. He had to work late this evening, so we ran out of daylight to get pics in. But, I will ambush him tomorrow evening after work, make him dress up and get pics taken. I am very proud of myself for getting his costume done. Now, just to finish up Katie’s and mine. So, until later….. Happy Sewing!


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