What a weekend!


There wasn’t much accomplished this weekend. Apparently, there was an order for illness all around. I have been fighting my illness since last Wednesday, and it was close to dragging me down. PJ was under the weather as well, so we made a lovely pair in the sewing room. lol. I did manage to get my petticoat coat done down to just the hem, the lining cut out, sewn and fitted for my dress, and the fabric for the dress cut. Let me just say that I cut it close with the amount of fabric I had. And, I mean close. Here is a pic, after all the cutting was done:

The pile on the right is the bodice, the center pile consists of the 4 skirt panels, and on the left is what was left. Not much. Guess there’s no option to do elbow flounces in the printed material. lol. I am down to just sewing it all together, and the hand finishing.

Besides my costume, I have decided that I would Katie’s this year. She wants an 18th century riding habit, so a riding habit I shall make. lol. Since I will be making it, I have picked to draft the riding habit from Janet Arnold’s Pattern of Fashion 1.

Katie’s favorite color is purple, so we have designed it in a deep purple, or blackberry, and black. I picked up almost 8 yds of a fine blackberry corduroy, but I still need to pick up the fabric for her petticoat. I still have some left over black corduroy from the husband’s costume that I will be using for the cuffs and collar of the riding habit. Katie picked antique looking, gold buttons with a crest on them, and gold braided trim for a bit of extra bling. lol. But, here’s a pic of the corduroy:

So, I have my job cut out for me on this one. lol. Looks like I need to get over my illness and get my butt in gear to get every thing finished in time, as the ball is March 24. Close, I know. lol.

In other news, I have finally achieved a new laptop. I am a happy girl. 😉 Now, it’s just a matter of getting some of my essential data (photos and music files) from the old one to the new one. Well, off the watch more Destination Truth while getting the new laptop set to where I want it. Until later…. Happy Sewing!


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