Jane strikes again

Things have been going smoothly in the sewing room. Maybe a little too smoothly. lol. This past weekend saw more progress on the hubby’s costume (just about finished with it – you can see the update on the diary page located on the side bar), and even a fair bit on mine (started a diary page for that, it’s marked 18th Century Undergarments). Since I have moved on to working on my garments, I needed Jane’s assistance. I thought she might enjoy the attention, as she has been standing, lonely, in the corner. So, I pulled her out into the middle of the floor, and that’s when the trouble started. Have you ever tried to lace a set of Georgian stays to a troublesome dressmaker’s dummy by yourself? Well, it’s not fun, let me tell you. We fought for about a half hour, but she finally submitted. lol. Then, I cinched her in to match my measurements. Apparently, she wasn’t happy with this, as later she tried throwing the big roll of brown paper on me, twice. I narrowly avoided it both times. Then, she started blowing my pattern pieces off the cutting table, making me chase them all over the floor. But, I think having some new garments placed on her has appeased her, some. lol. She left me alone long enough to get my underpetticoat, petal bum pad, and “puffer” petticoat done. Well, except the hem on the underpetticoat, that will come later. Oh! And yesterday, Miss PJ came by to start the drafting process on her gown. Well, her dressmaker’s dummy, Daisy May, must have seen Jane acting out the day before, and wanted to get in on the action. Daisy started throwing things off the shelves at PJ, and then she tried to jump on me while I was taking measurements to make sure she matched PJ’s measurements in the stays. Guess she wasn’t happy about PJ taking her cotton Victorian day dress off. But, they are both back in the respective corners, waiting to cause more trouble this coming weekend. 😉

Besides all the trouble with Jane, I was able to get hubby’s frock coat completely finished. Tonight, after the high school band concert, I will be finishing off the waistcoat, as only the buttons are left on that. We’ll see what else I can get to afterwards. I would like to get his costume done, just so I can see how it all looks together. And, when I do, I will be taking lots of photos to post!

Don’t forget that you still have a few days left to enter in the blog giveaway over on The Emerald Parlor. You have until Wednesday night at midnight. The winner will be announced on Thrusday. Be sure to comment on this post for your chance to win.

Until later….. Happy Sewing!


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