18th century progress & other things I accomplished

I had a five day weekend, and put it to good use! Mostly. 😉 I guess I had enough vacation time accumulated that I was on the verge of losing several days of it. So, it was a use it or lose it. And, boy did I use it! I took Wednesday through Friday off, and had things planned out as to what I wanted to get done. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans….. On Wednesday, after dropping the girls off the their schools, I came home with the mind set to have a bowl of cereal, finish the last couple chapters of my book, and then get started on washing and drying the bleached muslin I was going to use. I had the bowl of cereal and finished the last of my book. Then, instead of heading for the washer, I promptly took a three and half hour nap! I woke up just in time to start picking the girls back up from school, and trying to figure out what to do for dinner. Guess I needed the sleep. lol. I did get the muslin washed and dried for Thursday.

On Thursday, I started out the same, but by passed reading and the nap, and headed straight for the sewing room. I go the muslin ironed and the shirt cut for the hubby’s 18th c. shirt. I had the shirt finished in time for him to try it on when he got home from work. I then spent the rest of the evening reading, after making dinner, of course. lol. I do like this shirt, and will probably make another one at some point. I just need to find buttons for it, and make the button holes. *You can read more about this on the Men’s 18th Century Outfit page on the side bar.


On Friday, after the morning school run, I hit JoAnn’s to pick up the bit of broadcloth needed for the waistcoat, and the grocery store to a few items for dinner. When I got home I went straight back to the sewing room, and set about getting everything else cut out. This took me the better part of three hours, and I found that my new fabric scissors (which have a rubber grip around the inside of the finger holes) had rubbed a blister and popped it on my little finger. I hadn’t even realized that it happened until I looked at my hands. In between the afternoon school runs, I got dinner in the ovenand got the breeches sewn completely together. We had a pretty good dinner of BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes and gravy with homemade corn bread. Again, I spent the evening reading and watching tv with the family.

Saturday, I was back in the sewing room around mid-morning and started on the frock coat. I had that finished by mid-afteroon, and promptly started on the waistcoat. I had the waistcoat done long before dinner (for which we order pizza). Both went fairly quickly, and went together nicely (you can see more about these on the page listed above).  I just have a bit of hand sewing do on both, and the buttons and button holes to finish them off. I’m not sure what buttons I want to use, I’ll just have to hit the store and browse a bit to find what I want. I am hoping to find some nice antique looking half dome buttons, in a silver or pewter tone to use. Or maybe some of the cover-yourself buttons. I’ll just have to figure it out once I’m in the store.

On Sunday, was back to the sewing room about mid-morning. I pulled out the pattern I wanted to use for my 18th c. chemise, just to find that the size I traced a few years ago was way too big. I retraced it, about 4 sizes smaller. Then I ironed my bleached muslin and started tracing and cutting the fabric. I had it about half way sewn when PJ dropped in to have me help her with her hubby’s frock coat. She used Simplicity 4923 for the whole outfit, and the shoulders, sleeves and cuffs of the frock coat just didn’t want to co-operate with her. We found what was wrong, and as she went about fixing that, I finished off my chemise, and even got a set of pockets finished for myself. So, now I am just down to my underpetticoat, a new bum pad, my over petticoat and my dress. Only after I make sure that my stays still fit, or if I need to make a new set, of course. 😉

Well, there was a nice sized update with a few pics sprinkled in. lol. For the rest of this week, I have a few pairs of pants that I need to finish hemming or fixing for several co-workers, and whatever else I can get done of my 18th c. underpinnings. This coming weekend, Miss PJ and I will be back in the sewing room to start on the dresses. I’ll try to take more pics. Oh! And we are having a blog give-away at the Emerald Parlor. It’s a pattern give-away. You can see the details and enter for your chance to win by clicking here! You have until the end of the month to enter, all you have to do is comment on that blog post. The winner will be announced on March 1st. Until later….. Happy Sewing!


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