I tripped and fell…

..face down on the couch for a couple of days. I am so tired of these illnesses sneeking up behind me, and jumping me when I’m not looking. Lol. I’m still not up to snuff, and hoping I feel much better by this weekend as I have a ton of sewing to do. I did manage to find the cutting table under the mess from cleaning Monday night just before I got sick. However, I still need to find both work stations and the couch. I hope I feel well enough to get that done tomorrow night, that way I can get started bright and early Saturday morning.

In other sewing news, Angie and I have decided that we want to join the other costume bloggers in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage. We will be creating evening gowns from 1912, and using mostly materials and notions that we have on hand. I pretty sure that I have my design in the bag. I just need to finalize it, and go through my stash to make sure of what I do have on hand. I will probably not be using a pattern for this one, as I don’t think there is one. So, that means I will have to drape it. Once these dresses are done, we have something special in mind to show them off. More on that later.

Well, I should be signing off for the evening. It’s getting late, and I’m more than a little on the tired side after returning to work today. I’ll try to catch up more later. Which should be easier since I finally found the WP app for my Nook Color. Until then… Happy Sewing!


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