What a mess!


Well, there was more destruction than there was production in the sewing room this weekend. lol. Miss PJ and I didn’t get to do anything until Sunday. Then, we spent most of the day running from store to store getting material and trim for her next 18th century dress. Once we did get back to my house, we kinda blew up the sewing room. I decided that we needed a new floor plan and a little more organization. We started by moving furniture around. The couch and coffee table went back to it’s near original position, the cutting table went to the middle of the floor, the over flowing costume rack was bagged up by costume and moved into the crawl space, and work stations were tentatively set up for both of us. I still need to bag up a few more costumes, move the small book case, get some heavy duty hooks for a couple of organizers, buy a 3′ wire wall rack and a couple of 2′ wire wall racks, get some 1″x1″ boards to hang the peg boards and shove a few more totes into the crawl space. That’s about all, until the warmer weather hits and we can start tearing up carpet and painting walls once we can open the one tiny window down there. All in all, once we are done down there, it will be a spiffy little sewing room. lol.

As for actual sewing, I haven’t done a thing since I finished the mock up for the husband’s 18th century breeches. I will have to get the cutting table cleared off in order to cut the mock up of his frock coat. So, that means I can’t slack on getting stuff finished off this evening, huh? lol. Once I get the frock coat mock up done, I can go ahead and cut the actual fashion fabric. I also need to wash, dry and iron the bleached muslin I will be using for his shirt. Boy, do I have a laundry list of things that need to be done. lol. Time to get it in gear. 😉

I’ll try to post photos of the before and after as I can, still haven’t gotten a new laptop. Until then… Happy Sewing!


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