Man Down!


Or, more precisely, laptop down! After four years of abuse from my girls and myself, it has finally given up. The part that plugs into the laptop, has been pushed in a little too far, from Annie one of the girls setting in on end, that end. Plus, the battery has long out lasted it’s life span, so it doesn’t hold a charge for more than 10 minutes. Now, in order for it to get any power, you have to hold the plug at a specific angle, the wind has to be blowing gently from the north east, and the sun light must be slanted at a 45 degree angle. Well… It’s not really that bad, but it might as well be. So, now my only options for internet access is either at work, on my Nook Color (can’t access WP to post), on my phone (I down loaded the WP app, not too sure how it’s going to work), or by swiping my husband’s laptop. That last one really isn’t likely, as he just announced the impending publishing of his 1st novel later this year. Since he is promoting that all over Facebook and several other social sites, it’s hard to find his laptop unattended. lol. That means until I can save up for another laptop, I will be in the sewing room, a lot.

Speaking of sewing….. I have been working on the hubby’s 18th century costume for the upcoming EP Costume Ball in March. I have the mock up of my hubby’s 18th c. pants done, and finalized down to extactly what I need. Next up is the mock up of his frock coat. For his pants, I am using Simplicity 4923, and for the shirt, waist coat and frock coat I will be using Butterick B3072. I will be creating the jabot on my own. I have most of the details on the diary page, listed on the side bar, if you wish to have a peek. Other than that, the only other things have been doing in the sewing room is making plans to do a little remodeling. Not much, just ripping up of ugly carpet, repainting the walls, storage of costumes and totes of fabric in the crawl space, rearranging of furniture, and the creating of work spaces. But, that will come later, more toward summer. lol.

It’s almost time to knock off of work for the day. I guess I will be blogging from work, and trying to blog from my phone. Until later…. Happy Sewing!


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